Monday, September 29, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - September 29th, 2008

Greetings from SciFiCity Troy!

October is nearly here... Hold on to your [insert holdable thing of your choice HERE] – it’s going to be an action-packed month at Sci-Fi City!

But before we get into that, I have to tell you about our grand finale to 40K Month! Saturday saw ten mighty competitors battling it out in the SFC 40K RTT. After the dust cleared from the three tough scenarios, Erich Schoenholtz emerged to take top prize! James Prestidge took second, and Vincent Lookebill placed third (beating out the ‘ArdBoyz local front-runner Chris Humphries by a single point! Sorry Chris!) We also had a great first Bitz Trading Day on Saturday – we’ll definitely be doing these at least once a month! Several people got some great trades, and there was lots of painting and modeling going on as well. All told, it was a great day of 40K action!

So as 40K Month draws to a close, it must be time to start Privateer Press Month!

All October long you’ll get DOUBLE Rewards Card points for all Privateer Press product purchases. Now’s your chance to pick up the new Warmachine Legends book or that new warcaster, warjack, or unit you’ve needed to put the spark into your battles.

To kick off the month, we’re holding a Warmachine Tournament on the 4th. (750 pts, $15 entry fee, lists due by 11 am, dice hit the table at noon!) And we’ll be announcing our new Warmachine League at the tournament. So bring your metal – if you think you got what it takes!

Another exciting game coming October 10th from Privateer Press is MONSTERPOCALYPSE! Come get your faction together (and get those double points!), learn the game, and get ready for our Monsterpocalypse Party on October 18th. There’ll be a “sealed deck” tournament (okay... “sealed box” – you know what I meant!), and demos all day long, as well as many opportunities to trade for your favorite faction. Compete for some great prizes including extremely limited edition mega-form monsters!

And you can’t talk about October without talking about Friday Night Fights! The first FNF in October (on the 3rd) will be the popular Dread Arena. Bring your dreadnought and bring the pain! And then for a change of pace, the October 10th FNF will feature Fantasy Champions Arena - bring your max 150 point Warhammer Fantasy Hero for a battle to the death! There’s more exciting Friday night events planned for the rest of the month – I’ll tell you about them next time...

Speaking of WH Fantasy – stop by Sci-Fi City and sign up for the Warhammer Fantasy Warbands Escalation League (WahFWEL? Maybe not...) Start with a 200 point warband on October 5th. Battle as much as you want all week long, and then you get to add 100 points for the next week’s battles! We’ll continue until the end of October (so you’ll get to field a mighty 500 point warband that last week) and we’ll hold league championships the first weekend in November. Don’t miss your chance to face my mighty lizardman warband – the East-Central Orklando Lustrian Infantry! (Popularly known by their acronym...)

But wait there’s more! Board Game Nights on Terrifying Thursdays in October promise some great thematic gaming thrills! Arkham Horror - one of my favorite games – will start off the month on the 2nd. Pick up the base game at a 20% discount all day, and if you’ve never played you can stop by after 4 pm and try it before you buy it! We’ll gladly teach you the rules and set you on your way trying to stop the Great Old One from devouring the world! And the following week (on the 9th) you can save the world again, this time from a horde of Zombies!!! (Really – those exclamation points aren’t mine. They’re part of the game’s title. As you know, I hardly ever use exclamation points!) And watch this space for more Board Game Night news – coming soon to a blog near you...

Wow! I’m out of time, and we’ve only gotten half-way through the month! I’ll be posting more here next week, but if you can’t wait that long you can check out our events page for more information for the entire month of October, and beyond...

SciFiCity Troy, signing off! Hope to see YOU at Sci-Fi City soon!

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