Monday, September 29, 2008

Road To Glory! First Week Results

Campaign Week one is over!

The Forces of Order have won the first week, and are the Attackers for the next campaign week, which starts October 4th and lasts until October 10th!

The next week's campaign games are 1850 points, and the Attackers have the ability to sacrafice 2 Heavy Support choices for one additional Fast Attack choice. The Attackers also choose the deployment order in Scenario 3, and the deployment type in scenario 4. They also gain one additional asset to use in the Apoc game at the end of the Campaign.

All is not lost for the forces of Destruction. The Defenders, dug in and awaiting the rapid advance of the attackers, may sacrafice two Fast attacks to gain additional one Heavy Support choice. I beleive the Tyrant of Badab might have a choice quote about big guns to add here...

The winner of this Campaign week will gain an addtional assest in the Apoc Battle, and will gain a bonus five minutes over and above their bid to deploy/go first

Sci-Fi City News - September 29th, 2008

Greetings from SciFiCity Troy!

October is nearly here... Hold on to your [insert holdable thing of your choice HERE] – it’s going to be an action-packed month at Sci-Fi City!

But before we get into that, I have to tell you about our grand finale to 40K Month! Saturday saw ten mighty competitors battling it out in the SFC 40K RTT. After the dust cleared from the three tough scenarios, Erich Schoenholtz emerged to take top prize! James Prestidge took second, and Vincent Lookebill placed third (beating out the ‘ArdBoyz local front-runner Chris Humphries by a single point! Sorry Chris!) We also had a great first Bitz Trading Day on Saturday – we’ll definitely be doing these at least once a month! Several people got some great trades, and there was lots of painting and modeling going on as well. All told, it was a great day of 40K action!

So as 40K Month draws to a close, it must be time to start Privateer Press Month!

All October long you’ll get DOUBLE Rewards Card points for all Privateer Press product purchases. Now’s your chance to pick up the new Warmachine Legends book or that new warcaster, warjack, or unit you’ve needed to put the spark into your battles.

To kick off the month, we’re holding a Warmachine Tournament on the 4th. (750 pts, $15 entry fee, lists due by 11 am, dice hit the table at noon!) And we’ll be announcing our new Warmachine League at the tournament. So bring your metal – if you think you got what it takes!

Another exciting game coming October 10th from Privateer Press is MONSTERPOCALYPSE! Come get your faction together (and get those double points!), learn the game, and get ready for our Monsterpocalypse Party on October 18th. There’ll be a “sealed deck” tournament (okay... “sealed box” – you know what I meant!), and demos all day long, as well as many opportunities to trade for your favorite faction. Compete for some great prizes including extremely limited edition mega-form monsters!

And you can’t talk about October without talking about Friday Night Fights! The first FNF in October (on the 3rd) will be the popular Dread Arena. Bring your dreadnought and bring the pain! And then for a change of pace, the October 10th FNF will feature Fantasy Champions Arena - bring your max 150 point Warhammer Fantasy Hero for a battle to the death! There’s more exciting Friday night events planned for the rest of the month – I’ll tell you about them next time...

Speaking of WH Fantasy – stop by Sci-Fi City and sign up for the Warhammer Fantasy Warbands Escalation League (WahFWEL? Maybe not...) Start with a 200 point warband on October 5th. Battle as much as you want all week long, and then you get to add 100 points for the next week’s battles! We’ll continue until the end of October (so you’ll get to field a mighty 500 point warband that last week) and we’ll hold league championships the first weekend in November. Don’t miss your chance to face my mighty lizardman warband – the East-Central Orklando Lustrian Infantry! (Popularly known by their acronym...)

But wait there’s more! Board Game Nights on Terrifying Thursdays in October promise some great thematic gaming thrills! Arkham Horror - one of my favorite games – will start off the month on the 2nd. Pick up the base game at a 20% discount all day, and if you’ve never played you can stop by after 4 pm and try it before you buy it! We’ll gladly teach you the rules and set you on your way trying to stop the Great Old One from devouring the world! And the following week (on the 9th) you can save the world again, this time from a horde of Zombies!!! (Really – those exclamation points aren’t mine. They’re part of the game’s title. As you know, I hardly ever use exclamation points!) And watch this space for more Board Game Night news – coming soon to a blog near you...

Wow! I’m out of time, and we’ve only gotten half-way through the month! I’ll be posting more here next week, but if you can’t wait that long you can check out our events page for more information for the entire month of October, and beyond...

SciFiCity Troy, signing off! Hope to see YOU at Sci-Fi City soon!

Cool Stuff Games in Winter Park

They're getting out of the Warhammer biz, and are selling all stock at 35% off until 9/30/08. Just a heads up for all you bargain hunters.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

8th Worldwide

Congrats to Erich for placing 8th worldwide in the World Wide War!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rhubarb Escalation League Results Week 2

Week 2 results

Ryan 15
Pepe 15
Frog 15
Bryan 15
JT 5
Steve 5
Mark 5
Jeff 5

Week 2 Standings
Ryan 30
Bryan M. 27
Frog 27
Mark 20
Steve 17
Brian 15
Miles 13
JT 13
Ben 12
John 8
Scott R 8
Jeff 5
Chris S 5

Rhubarb having a suprise sale!

Sale at Rhubarb Games on Friday, September 26th - Sunday, September 28th

Gas prices cutting into your gaming budget?

Keep getting beaten by that same old trick?

Need more troops for 5th edition 40K?

Keep getting slain by that Cryx player?

Want to start a new army?

Worried about the new GW price hike on select items?

Want to try Vallejo paints but you are waiting for the right time?

Looking to save some money?

Just need to fill out some units?

Trying to find an answer for that Daemon list that keeps gutting you?

Honestly we don't care why you need stuff, we just want to help you save some cash and to say thanks for being a Rhubarb Customer

On Monday GW is increasing their prices on select items Namely metals, codexes, and paints Their plastics will remain the same But hey why should GW fans be the only ones to save money? Warmachine players need stuff and so do Flames of War players For that matter so does everyone else With that said here are the details
20% off in stock items
Already discounted items will receive an additional 5% off (items are marked in the store)[/b][/color]

This discount excludes Sabol Army Transport cases of all sizes, Sabol foam trays, gift certificates, special orders, and prior purchases


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CoC RTT Tournament Update

I did mention before how CoC in Kissimmee is moving towards a flexible army list for it's RTT's, starting 10/18/08. (see their forum or my last for more details)

Also, having spoken to mangaer Mike West on behalf of one of my compatriots, Forgeworld Items are going to be allowed on a case by case basis.

No flyers, no superheavies, no gargantuan creatures would be allowed, etc. Check out the CoC forums for more details.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - September 21st, 2008

Greetings friends! SciFiCity Troy here, with the latest and greatest in gaming news from Sci-Fi City Orlando!

Radio 40K World Wide War went wonderfully last Saturday! The local results:
  • Sportsmanship Award: 1st - Eric Wood; 2nd - Evan Rowland
  • Painting Award: 1st - Erich Schoenholtz; 2nd - Chris Humphries
  • Best General: 1st - Erich Schoenholtz; 2nd - Vincent Lookebill
  • Player's Choice Army: Vincent Lookebill
  • Overall Champion: Erich Schoenholtz
Erich Schoenholtz's Black Templar Land Raiders

We're still awaiting the world-wide winners results from the fine folks at 40K Radio. I'll update you when I know more!

In other news, our Friday Night Fights, held last Friday night (I know, go figure) were great fun. We ran two matches in a labyrinthine set-up between several Space Marine Dreadnoughts. Here's a couple shots of the action...

(Check the rules here - every army has something allowed in the Arena!) We'll be running a Dread Arena again this Friday (the 26th) as well as the following Friday (Oct. 3rd) - so stop by around 6 p.m. and bring your heavyweights!

Upcoming Events! We've got an action-packed week (and month!) ahead!

Thursday Night is Board Game Night at Sci-Fi City. This week we'll be playing Carcassonne - stop by and play for free after 4 p.m. And don't forget the 20% discount all day!

As mentioned: Friday Night Fights - Dread Arena this Friday at 6 p.m. (And watch for new FNF events in October! Warmachine, Warhammer Fantasy, maybe even Mordheim... is no game safe?!?)

And then Saturday the 27th - the last big hurrah in Warhammer 40K Month! We're finishing things up with a full day of 40K goodness. First off is the 40K RTT (1750 pts - $15 - prizes - Lists due by 11 a.m. - Dice hit the table at 11:30 - All current Codices.) We'll also be judging our monthly Painting Competition for best single model and best unit from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set. (I hope you got yours! We just sold out of our 50-some supply, and now we have to wait for GW to make some before we can get more!) And speaking of AoBR - if you're looking to trade your orks or your SMs, Saturday's Bitz Day may be your answer! You can also bring any other bitz you gotz - Warhammer 40K or Fantasy, Bloodbowl, Warmachine, or what-ever-else! Call us or stop by and we'll add you to our growing have/want list (or you can find out what everyone else is looking for and offering.)

Finally, don't miss out on double Awards Card points for all Games Workshop products, only until the end of this month!

And next month will be full of so much gaming fun, it's scary! Every Terrifying Thursday Board Game Night will feature a different Halloween-themed board game (Such as Arkham Horror on the 2nd, and Zombies!!! on the 9th...)

And Monsterpocalypse - the new CMG from Privateer Press - will smash its way onto the scene with a big release event on October 18th. (Plus, you can have a sneak peek at the Oct. 16th Board Game Night!)
There will be demos all day, and we'll host a sealed box tournament with some fantastic (you might even say "pocalyptic") prizes!

And there's still more! I'll give you all the details in the coming weeks, but here's a taste of what you can look forward to in October at Sci-Fi City:
  • Super Hero Sculpting Workshop Oct. 4th
  • Warmachine Tournament Oct. 4th
  • WH Fantasy Warbands Escalation League Oct. 5th
  • 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals Oct. 11th
  • Heroscape Tournament on National Heroscape Day Oct. 18th
  • Fantasy RTT Oct. 25th
  • October's Creeeepy Painting Competition Oct. 25th
  • A can't-be-missed Halloween Party on the 31st - food, music, and scary gaming fun until midnight!
As always, you can find out more details at our freshly updated Events Page!

Now I'm off to get some rest - I'm going to need it to keep up with everything happening in the coming weeks!

I'm SciFiCity Troy, signing off - and looking forward to seeing YOU at Sci-Fi City!

Rhubarb Games update

Greeting Orlando area gamers,

This is the first in what will hopefully be many posts about events that we have going on at Rhubarb Games.

I would like to start off with a nod to one of our longest running events at the store, Bloodbowl. Our current Major league season (high Team Value teams; minimum 150 usually closer to 175 or so) is on game 8 although it seems most people are behind currently. The Sisterhood is running away with it again. Hopefully someone can derail this juggernaut. Special nod to Dan for running both leagues for Blood Bowl

Division A
Blood Beasts (Chaos) 5-1
Body Snatchers (Undead) 4-2-1
Arrogant Wyrms (Lizardmen) 2-4-1
the Black Lampreys (Vampires) 2-4-1

Division B
Salacious Sisterhood (Amazon) 6-0
Lake Ivanhoe Valkyries (Norse) 2-4-1
Smash & Trash (Orks) 1-4-1
Crimson Corsairs (Dark Elves) 1-3

In our minor league of the Orklando Bloodbowl League we are currently on game 5 of 8. We already have one team ahead of schedule and one team finished with their season with several teams seemingly setting up for that final week "I need a bunch of games" scramble that always happens. I recall the last time I played in the majors having to do 3 games in one day just to catch up. Not fun but Blood Bowl can sometimes be a hurry up and wait kind of game that people fit in around their 40k, Fantasy, FOW and/or Warmachine/Hordes habits. Things are a little bit tighter in this league with 3 teams in Division 2 that seem to be big threats at the end.

Division 1
Harbingers of Lloth (Dark Elves) 2-2-1
Da Tuf Guyz (Ork) 3-5
Bogenhafen Brawlers (Human) 0-3-1
Angry Exes (High Elf) 0-1
Brain Dead Mashers (Necromatic) 0-1
Clean Sweep (Humans) 0-1

Division 2
Tyranid Tyrants (Lizardmen) 4-0-1
Koighnavok Shemal (Wood Elf) 3-0-1
Woodland Raiders (Wood Elf) 4-2
LA Ram Tuts (Khemri) 0-1-2
Zippy & the Bungle Boyz (Ork) 0-1

We just started our 40k escalation League this past Thursday. I like to spice things up in the Escalations, limiting the force org chart, messing with missions, etc. For the first week players were only able to field HQ and Troop choices, they only had 500 points and the missions were 4 way, every man for himself affairs. 15 points for first place, 12 for second, 8 for third and 5 for last allowed for a decent spread without putting anyone out of the running. There was one tie for second and one for third out of 3 matches. Our leader board for the 40k Escalation is as follows:

Brian 15
Mark 15
Ryan 15
Bryan M. 12
Ben 12
Frog 12
Steve 12
John 8
JT 8
Miles 8
Scott R 8
Chris S 5

Flames of War
Our Flames of War community has been rather hopping as of late. Ed will be running a tournament this Saturday, September 27th at Hurricon. We are also on round 2 of our Flames league. Ed works rather hard on this stuff getting these two events to work and we thank him for that. League Standings:
Division A
Jim (USA) 2-0
Dan (Italy) 1-0
Ed (USSR) 1-0
Leo (Germany) 1-1
Ambros (Germany) 0-0
Laura (USA) 0-0
Ken (USA) 0-1
Rich (Germany) 0-1

Division B
Jacob (Germany) 2-0
Lionel (Germany) 1-0
Glenn (Germany) 0-0
Jim (Germany) 0-0
Jeremy (Italy) 0-0
Terry (USA) 0-0
Jeff (USSR) 0-1
Sel (Germany) 0-2
Joey (GB) 0-2

Upcoming Events
9/22 Warmachine/Hordes Terrain making night- trying to get things together for our next a Call to Arms League
9/24 Lord of the Rings-our new community will meet for some friendly matches
9/25 40k Escalation League 750 points (Troops, HQ, and Heavy support only)
9/27 Flames of War Tournament at Hurricon
9/28 Flames of War League at Rhubarb

Further Down the line
10/6 Warmachine/Hordes a Call to Arms League Caspia Sul Incursions Week 1
10/10 Armies of Arcana Campaign starts
10/18 Warhammer Fantasy Warbands tournament 500 pts
10/25 Warhammer 40k Rouge Trader Tournament 1750 pts

Well, I think that finishes off everything that we have going on around here. As we get closer to any of these upcoming events I will post information about Arcana, the Warmachine league and any of our tournaments. If you are seeking more info now please visit
our forum
our events calendar
and our events registration page (mostly used for tournaments)

Have fun,
Rhubarb Games

Road to Glory First Day Report and CoC news

Hello all!

I hate to admit, the first day of the CoC Campaign did not get the numbers I had hoped. The good news is that's because there were about 12 players for the CoC Warhammer RTT! Good on them. However, I did speak to Mike West (manager) regarding the campaign, and both he and Ted are on board for accepting results played during the week. YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY CLOSE OF BUSINESS TO GET YOUR CAMPAIGN GAMES IN.

The good news: The Forces of Order are winning (so far!). Great news for me, because I'm on the winning side (so far!).

My first game I lost, and to a new player I was helping guide through the game. I could have made it a draw, but I made a silly mistake. I'll blame the fact that I was teaching the game for my distraction. :)

Adam, aka Zorrax on the Adeptus Orlandicus Boards, also made it down to CoC that day, and found his dice did not work there. He was roundly beaten by both the Blood Angels and my Valhallan Guard. Considering the pounding I received during our last run of this campaign, it was sweet revenge. Thanks to him for coming down. Even though his games didn't go well, I hoped he enjoyed himself.

The following is a shot of the game in progress, about 3rd turn. That's all there is left of his army. Not that I'm gloating (yes, actually, I'm gloating).

This is from the beginning of the second game I was going to play against the new Necron player, who's name I forgot. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the game due to timing constraints, but it was going very well for me. He was a good guy, like most of the CoC players, except for Mike West.

Also in the news:

CoC will begin charging for their RTT in order to keep prize support as high as it is. It's still a very reasonable price, and one I'm more than willing to pay. Also, there is a format change for their Warhammer and 40k RTT. You can bring two lists. The majority of the list must remain the same, but 250 points of it are swappable between List A and List B. In every round, you will find out who your opponent is and what they are playing, and you will then choose your list before you see theirs. Warmachine uses it and it seems to work out well there, and I know that the Baltimore Battle Bunker uses a similar format. It's a welcome change, and I look forward to it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rhubarb Games 40k RTT October 25

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post up our next 40k RTT. I am hoping that we can get some of the Adeptus crew to come out and add to our mix of players. Below is all of the info you should need for this event.

Warhammer 40k RTT Saturday October 25th
Event Schedule:
Check in 10am-10:30am
Round 1: 11am-1pm
Lunch: 1pm-2:00pm
Round 2: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Round 3: 4:30pm-6:30pm
Awards and Prizes: 6:45pm

• $10 entry fee
• 1750 points (2 copies of your list, one for us, one for you/the table)
• models must be fully painted (i.e. 3 color minium)
• models must be completely assembled and as close to WYSIWYG as possible
• Players must bring 2 copies of their lists, a rulebook, their Codex, dice, templates, ruler, and anything else they need to play the game.

A link to the registration page:

Thanks for the chance to let you folks know about our events.

Have fun,

Ard Boyz Winners of Rhubarb Games

Here are the winners of this past weekend's Ard Boyz:

1st place: Dan Spinelli with Witch Hunters
2nd place: Hod Sheikhnia with Demon Hunters
3rd place: Gareth Hunt with Chaos Demons

Congratulations to the winners

Thursday, September 18, 2008

40K Radio - World Wide War Update

Sci-FiCity Troy here, with an update on the 40K World Wide War RTT being held this Saturday (the 20th) at Sci-Fi City.

I just spoke with Spencer at 40K Radio, and he said the on-line registration will be closing tonight.

BUT, we are now allowed to accept walk-in registrations here at the store!

Fee is still $10. Visit the site for rules and more info!

'Ard Boys Winners

Presented by store in Alphabetical Order:

Coliseum of Comics
1. Patrick Ballinger
2. Vito Di Sarafino
3. Brian Glenn

Rhubarb Games
Unknown order:
DanL, The Hod
3. Garreth Hunt
(If someone gets me their order, and names if they don't mind, that would be awesome)

Sci-Fi City
1. Chris Humphries
2. Eric Wood
3. Vincent Lookebill

Congrats to all of you. We look forward to your games in October. Hopefully I'll see you in November as well, as I'll be in Baltimore at the time, visiting family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better Know a Podcast:

Sci-fi Troy made mention of the World Wide War, but not everyone may be familiar with Spencer and Philip, the hosts of 40k Radio. "All 40k, all the time!" is their tag, and that pretty much sums up the show. If you're looking for breadth, look elsewhere. But where others took an extra long episode to cover 40k 5th Edition, the boys rigorously plowed through the rules sections for a several episode arc, giving much more depth to highlight the multiple changes.

Spencer pretty much runs the show, and I find Phil to pretty much be the yes man/occasional foil to the Spencer's host duties. I really didn't like Phil at first, and I thought he was just there to pad time, but like he grew on me in the last few episodes with the current "Steel Cage" army building/playing challenge. Most episodes will cover the latest rumors, and interview various luminaries, such as Brimstone from Warseer, Nick Kyme (author of the soon to be published Salamanders novel), etc. They are also known for a series of interviews they did at Games Day Baltimore with Jervis, et al. I’d recommend all the interviews, as it puts a more human face on the Evil Empire to which we all supplicate our wallets. One criticism of the Games Day interviews is that they were full of softball questions, but bear in mind that they were from a preapproved question list, so erase a bit of that humanness off, I suppose…

My favorite segment is their Third Party Products, which are generally followed by a video review of said product soon after the Episode. Do you want to sink 10 bucks of your hard earned cash into that bit of plastic? Will it be worth it? The boys will let you know. The videos are extremely helpful and concise, and are worth a visit to the site if nothing else.

They do have contests, but membership to their forum and support of the site is required to enter the contests, and use their forums. I haven’t put my money down yet, but I’m considering it for the additional content.

Then end all and be all is that this is well worth a listen to while painting/ modeling/ spending time lashed to your hobby desk. Oh, also, they’re giving away $700 worth of product to the winner of the World Wide War this Saturday if you win, so you might want to check them out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Team Tourney Interest

Every year, Adeptus Orlandicus runs a two man team tourney. Were wondering if people would want to have a 4 man tourney as per the Adepticon Team Tourney style. Obviously, we'd want to know if people would be willing to own up/cowboy up/punch in, etc. and do this before we start the planning.

Would you be willing to be a member of 4 person team and pound other players into the dust with your superior tactics?

The poll is to the right.

Better Know a Gamer! The fightin' George Miller!

As part of our local gaming coverage, we're going to be interviewing gamers of note in the CFL area. They either have interesting armies, unique tactics, or an intruiging theory on gaming in general. Here is the first of that series: George Miller, aka Eldanesh at the CoC Forums or Cool Mini or Not.

AO: How long have you owned this army?

GM: Wow, now that I think about it, I've owned it at least in part since 1990. I'm what's called an Old School Gamer (see "Geezer"), I've been playing 40K since Rogue Trader and my Eldar are my longest held collection. It's taken different form over the years to accommodate every rule set from Rogue Trader up to 5th now and I've added different variations of re-sculpts over the years. So you'll see the original models from 1990 mixed in with the most recent from 2006.

AO: Which model is your favorite model in the army?

GM: Ooh, another tough one. I'd like to say the Armorcast Phantom Titan, just for the wow factor, but, as I'm primarily a painter first and a gamer second, I'll have to go with the more recent addition of the Autarch on the Jetbike. My absolute favorite model is my Void Dragon Phoenix:, but I've since sold it. (Ed. Note: Well worth the visit!)

AO: What methods do you use to paint, and what tips do you want to pass along to your fellow hobbyist?

GM: Well, obviously I use an airbrush for my vehicles. There was a time when this was perceived as "cheating" but I think it's starting to be more accepted now if not appreciated. I never understood why it was expected that you paint fine scale military models for competition with an airbrush, but Citadel models was "by hand only". I have just gotten to the point where I can blend well enough by hand now on my smaller models (like the Jetbike Autarch for example) to mimic my airbrushes at a smaller scale. I think airbrush is an equally difficult skill to master, having done both for years now. I generally paint to 2 standards with my Eldar - model competition level and army competition level. If it looks good as a whole unit and fits in with the army as a whole that's my army level painting. I do pretty well with winning Appearance categories at RTTs with my Eldar, so I kind of have an instinct about what works composition-wise. For competition level minis (as in individual painting competitions) I pull out all the stops and pick away at a single model for 2-3 weeks depending on my work schedule. Thinning paint is vital for blending, but there are other secrets the pros like to keep to themselves. I use Liquitex Flo-Aid and Slo-Dry in a lot of my blends. I'm a patient guy, but I like to see results as I go. One very easy thing to master is basing. I've seen squads that individually look average to me, come out looking very good when based well.

AO: How long does it take you from open box/blister to finished model?

GM: Heh, assuming it doesn't just sit in my closet for a month or end up primed and waiting for a year? This kind of depends on how badly I need it for a particular list build or if I picked it up for a painting competition that's got a solid deadline. If I'm motivated properly, and I can find the time to commit regularly, I can produce a good single model in about 6-8 hours - which works out to about a week, to a week and a half since I generally only have time to paint for an hour a night on week nights if I'm lucky. I actually do my best stuff between 7am and 10am on Saturday & Sunday mornings,..heh.

AO: What does your 1850 tournament list look like, and what tactics do you use?

GM: Err,..I'm reevaluating this right now actually. Since 5th Edition I've come to realize that the Eldar nerfs require a new approach. Gone are the days of my flying circus (Falcons & Harlies) since troops are much more vital now. I'm actually leaning towards Wraithguard heavy troop selections. Honestly, I've only had draws with my Eldar since 5th. With the upcoming Space Marine codex I can see it's going to be necessary to crack armor in favor of fire saturation, so the obvious choices are Wraithguard, Fire Dragons, Dark Reapers (which are now dusted off). I'm back to using D-Cannon batteries as well and I've got a Fire Prism I'm play testing too. Prisms and Swooping Hawk grenade packs are the only pie plate templates available to the Eldar, so they're really good for crowd control with Orks and still hurt Marines reasonably well.

Thanks again George! Look for more Better Know A Gamer articles soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Games Day UK Report

Check out the following Dakka Thread and Flicker Stream. Also of note: Warriors of Chaos Photos. Kudos to fitzeh of Dakka for the pics.

I like the look of the modular table, but I wonder at the cost. The THQ Rhino is sweet as well.

'Ard Boyz Batreps and Impressions

I played at CoC. I failed to get a spot. I was so close in two games (1 and 3), but time and dice (respectively) have no mercy.

My List:

Flesh Tearers 4th Company Blood Angels

Dante - 200
Corbulo - 100
Honor Guard- Sanguinary Priest Melta Guns x2 Jump Melta Bombs x 2- 200

BA Tac Squad, 10 - Power fist Melta Gun BA Rhino Melta Bombs - 265
BA Tac Squad, 10 -Power fist Melta Gun BA Rhino Melta Bombs -265
BA Assault Squad, 10 -Power fist Melta Bombs -280
BA Assault Squad, 10 - Power fist Melta Bombs- 280

Terminators, 5 Cyclone Missile, Drop Pod Chainfist x 2- 280
Vet Assault, 5 - Lightning Claws, Flamer x 2 Melta Bombs x 2- 200
Vet Assault, 5 -Lightning Claws, Melta Gun x 2 Melta Bombs x 2- 210
Death Company 8 Jump Pack, (Purchased) x1- 70

Fast Attack
Attack Bikes, 3 Multi-Melta x 3- 150

Game 1: Tim (Necrons)

Destroyer lord, res orb, warscythe
2 x 3 Destroyers
58 Warriors in 5 squads
2 Monoliths
1 Tomb Spider
2 x 5 base scarab swarms

Tim was a relatively new player, which had it's good and bad points.

I won the set up roll, and let Tim set up first. His Monoliths were set up to deepstrike (a mistake on his part), and he pretty much set up the rest of the troops on the edge of the deployment zone as close to me as possible. I did likewise, with my Rhinos providing cover.

First turn had Tim advancing towards me. Some fire was exchanged, and nothing much happened on that front. I advanced, and shot up some warriors with similar effect. Lucky for me, a combat squad was close enough to charge, and locked a unit in combat. I won combat, but they did not flee. The deciever moved to finish them off, a monolith came in (and did hardly anything for the rest of the game and the other never showed...) My turn two saw locking three of his five warrior squads in HtH along with the Deceiver. Long story short, Necrons lost combat by 11, three squads of necron were chased down, and the Deceiver exploded due to fearless wounds, taking out most of my tactical squads. But the Necron Lord had his res orb, and so half of the [expurgated] got up. My Terminators showed up, and did some damage, but promptly got shot to hell the next turn by the now 38 man warrior squad. We got another turn in, he hit phase out, but got to roll WBB, and picked up enough guys to stay in it. Dice down, Minor win + 2 bonus

The problem was that we only got 3 turns out of 2.5 hours. I was about 3-5 guys out from phase out IIRC, which cost me the Massacre. Tim was a good kid, but he didn't know his rules and he didn't have the greatest focus on the game. It didn't help that his friend was hanging out watching the game, chatting. It was a minor win for me, but it could have been better.

Game 2: Tim (Iyanden Ghost Warriors)

A non Eldrad Farseer (Yes, Virginia, there are farseers besides Eldrad.)
1 11 "man" Wraithguard
1 11 "man" Wraithguard
2 Dire Avengers, shimmer shield, bladestorm, Power Weapon
1 five man Pathfinders
3 Wraithlords

Wow. This was my favorite opponent. Tim's army was amazing looking, and dead 'ard, and Tim was gracious and sporting. T6 doesn't seem like much until you're stuck in HtH with it. I look forward to playing him again (and this time getting some pictures).

Highlights: Harlies getting flamer love when funneled in between a building and two squads. Yuriel dying to the chain-axes of the Death Company. Low points: The Terminators doing nothing to the Wraith Lord they were in CC with. Dealing with Dire Avengers in HtH when they have shimmer shields (15 points, really? Gawd damn). It was a draw + 2 bonus.

Pic courtesy of yhprum01

Game 3: Mech Marines (John Holmes)

Chappie with Jump, Artificer Armor, etc.
4-5 Tacticals with CCW/BP (Traits) All in Rhinos/razorbacks
3 Dreads, 1 Assault-Can/ML, 1 TWLC/ML, 1 ??/DCCW with flamer
1 ten man assault squad, flamer and PP
1 Dev Squad, PCx1, LC x2
1 Vindicator
1 Whirlwind with [expurgated] Castellan Missiles.

I had to set up first, and there was a two inch plateau in the center of the table. I set my assualt squads up behind the plateau, and a rhino on either side was poised to strike. John set up, and seized the initiative. He promptly blew up both the rhinos, despite night fight. The tac squad on the left went all suicide squad on the vidicator, blowing it to kingdom come in CC, and breathed their last in CC with a dread. That was the left side of the table, which didn't matter much until the end of the game. On the right, we pushed to the objective, with the remains of the tactical squad shielding the two assault squads from being assaulted, and giving them cover against ranged fire. I reached the opfor objective early, and just couldn't kill the dread in three inches from it. Dante got splatted by the dread, which didn't help. John's last minute push to my objective was stalled by the DC and a fleeing jump squad. Luckily, a Tac squad fled the push as well, and allowed me to at least capture my own objective. I got the most kill points (11 to 7) and captured one objective, which meant a minor win.

Castellan Mines, you will not be missed. Though, to be honest, I'm sure that John didn't much like the DanteCorbulo combo... Still, how do mines affect jump troops? Do they reach up and grab their ankles?

Two wins, a draw, and no losses = mid-pack and a hella backache. Damn.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - Week of Sept. 14th, 2008

And heeeere’s your weekly blogcast from Sci-Fi City, with your host, Sci-Fi City Troy!

Great to be here! We’re all recovering from ‘Ard Boyz 2008. It was a great tournament with some very talented gamers taking part. Our local ‘Ard Boyz who’ll be moving on the Semi-Finals are: Chris Humphries (Necron), Eric Wood (CSM), and Vincent Lookebill (Orks). Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated. Right ‘ard, th’ lot of ya! (And hey, did you see that last scenario? I’d love to hear the stories from anyone who managed to score better than a minor victory!)

We’re looking forward to next Saturday’s World Wide War, sponsored by 40K Radio. It’s being run like a standard 40K RTT, but player’s scores from Sci-Fi City will be compared with scores from around the world to determine the World Wide Champion! You have to sign-up online, and registration is $10. Don’t miss out on this battle – Sci-Fi City is the only store in Florida where you’ll find it!

Can’t wait for Saturday to get a little 40K action? Then Friday Night Fights is for you! This Friday we’re hosting the Dread Arena. Many will enter, one will leave… We’ll be starting the first fight around 6 p.m., and we’ll run as many as we can until closing! (Full Dread Arena rules can be found here.)

Finally, for anyone looking for a little change of pace (okay, a HUGE change of pace – but they’re making me tell…) every Thursday at Sci-Fi City is Boardgame Night. This Thursday we’re featuring Settlers of Catan! (If you’re not familiar with Settlers, it’s kind of like Warhammer Fantasy, without the armies, fighting, and no orcs. But it’s still fun!) Stop by and expand your gaming horizons by playing for free after 4 p.m. You might just find yourself facing a new kind of challenge! (Plus, enjoy a 20% discount on Settlers of Catan all day Thursday!)

And that’s about all the time we have for today. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you at Sci-Fi City!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - Special Edition

Good day to you from Sci-Fi City Troy!

Normally this blog article will be posted on Sundays, but there’s a few things going on at Sci-Fi City that I have to tell you before it’s too late.

Of course, Warhammer 40K ‘Ardboyz is at the top of the list! Saturday, September 13th – lists due by 11 a.m., first dice rolls at noon. FREE, ‘ARD 40K ACTION!

Check out the clarifications below. I’ll have modified/corrected scenario hand-outs for everyone, complete with all the new Kill Points info. We’re looking forward to a big turnout, and we want you to be part of the fun!

(NEWS FLASH – we were just told that Sci-Fi City was selected to host the regional ‘Ard Boyz Semi-finals! Come play your first round here, and you’ll have that “home field” advantage if you’re ‘ard enuf to make the top three…)

ALSO on Saturday the 13th, for those of you looking for something other than 40K, we’re hosting our Warmachine Legacies tournament. This is the same tournament held last weekend at Rhubarb Games, so if you missed that one – or if you just want another shot at becoming a Legend – then here’s your chance! Registration starts at 10 a.m. and first round starts at noon.

(Hmm… Seems like we’re going to have quite the crowd on Saturday!)

Finally, although you’ve got a bit more time to take advantage of this, I want to let you know ASAP that September is Warhammer 40K Month at Sci-Fi City! To celebrate, we’re holding special 40K events every Saturday (more on those in next Sunday’s article), and we’re giving double Rewards Card points for ALL Games Workshop products, ALL month long.

For those of you not in the know – with our Rewards Card program you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you’ve earned 100 points, you get a $10 gift card. For example, buying the $60 Assault on Black Reach box, would normally earn you 60 points. But during Warhammer 40K Month, you would earn 120 points – enough for your first $10 gift card and 20 points towards the next!

(Fine print: Taxes not included in the amount spent. The Rewards Card program has an initial $10 processing fee. Earned monetary value cannot be used on the same transaction where the points were earned. Thank you, that is all.)

Whew. Okay that’s it for now. Check out our website events page (yes, there is one, and yes it will be kept up-to-date!) for more details of coming events, such as the 40K World Wide War, our regular RTTs every month, painting competitions, the WH Fantasy Warbands League, and more! (Watch this space for further info, as well...)

Until next time, Sci-Fi City Troy - SIGNING OFF!

New Plastic Daemon Prince

Stolen from Podhammer:
(A great podcast, btw. Really worth a listen if you like the Fantasy)

I can't wait!

'ard Boyz Clarifications

As reported on Dakka, etc.. If you haven't seen it already, hopefully you'll see it here. These are official from GW, and if your store isn't running this, then they're not running an 'ard Boys Tourney. The guard army I thought about taking went from 47 KPs down to 22.

Ard Boyz Tournament Clarifications

Here’s some extra clarification about the missions and scoring for this years ‘Ardboyz 40k event.

• Table size is standard 4’x6’
• Ardboyz doesn’t mean throw out the rulebook. You don’t use Apocalypse rules, and can’t use superheavies. You still need to use the FOC (and just 1 FOC!), and need to make a legal army.
• Game length is standard, as per the 5th edition rulebook. Roll at the end of turn 5 and 6 to end the game, as described in the rulebook on page 90.
• ‘Ardboyz is an open list tournament. Meaning that you should bring 4 copies of your list, and hand one over to each opponent if he wants one. Your opponent and you are both allowed to review each others’ lists, and ask questions, both before and during the game.
• Only one army list may be used during the tournament. Players may not adjust lists between games.

• For Battle Point Modifiers in Scenario 1, replace ‘highest scoring unit’ with ‘unit with the highest points cost’.
• In scenario 1, ‘Reserves’ should be added to the special rules. (Can’t outflank or deepstrike if you can’t leave anything in reserve. )
• Don’t forget that missions 2 and 3 used ‘Dawn of War deployment’, and includes night fighting for turn 1.
• Under deployment in missions 2 and 3, the Note about deploying all troops and HQ choices does not mean you must deploy all your troops and HQ. You may still leave troops and HQ in reserve, as long as you still have at least 1 HQ and 2 troops choices on the table. You may leave units in reserve if you can legally do so. You may also leave them off the table, and not in reserve, to move on in turn 1 with the rest of your army, as per the scenario rules.



KP for ‘Ardboyz are done differently than in the 5th edition rulebook. Instead of assigning KP by squad, they are assigned to each choice off the Force Organization Chart (FOC). If a choice on the FOC includes several parts, then KP are not earned until all parts of the choice are destroyed.

Example 1: An IG troop platoon of 1 Jr. command squad and two 10 man troop squads will earn a player 1 KP when all 3 squads are destroyed.

Example 2: A Space Marine Captain and his command squad will earn a player 3 KP when both the Captain and the command squad are dead.
Example 3: Three lictors taken as an elite choice will earn a player 2 KP when all 3 are dead.

Example 4: A space marine squad of 10 marines splits into two 5 man squads before deployment. Both 5 man squads need to be destroyed to earn the 1 KP they give up as a troops choice.

Example 5: A vehicle squadron of 3 sentinels taken as a fast attack choice is 2 kp when all 3 sentinels are destroyed.

Kill points per FOC choice:
HQ 3 Pts
Troops 1 Pt
Elite 2 Pts
Fast Attack 2 Pts
Heavy Support 2 Pts

• Dedicated transports do not provide Kill Points. They also do not have to be destroyed to earn the KP for the unit they transport. If the unit is destroyed, the KP are earned, regardless of the fate of the dedicated transport.
• Units that do not take up a spot on the FOC, such as Lesser Daemons and Chaos Spawn still count for KP. Check the relevant codex for how they are classified. In Codex:CSM Lesser Daemons are troops, Greater Daemons are HQ, and Spawn are fast attack.
• Some units can be used to create/spawn other models. Good examples are Biovores and Tomb Spiders. In these cases, ignore the created models as far as KP are concerned. Killing the swarm or sporemine is 0 KP. Killing the Biovore or Tomb Spider earns the player the KP regardless of what happens to the swarm/sporemine.
• Models with the ‘Advisor’ rule do not count for KP themselves. Consider them a squad upgrade for their assigned squads. If Commisars are taken under the IC doctrine, they count as an elite choice, and when all Commisars have been killed, count as 2 KP.
• Some units can be taken as different choices on the FOC. In this case, the players army list should reflect how they have been taken, and what they count as.

• Example 6: An Ork player takes an Ork Warboss as his HQ. This allows him to then take a unit or Ork nobz as either an elite or troops choice. If he takes them as an elite, they give up 2KP. If taken as a troops choice, they give up 1KP. In either case the nobz could take a dedicated transport of a battlewagon, which wouldn’t count for KP at all. .

Any questions?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Road to Glory!

This is taking Place at Coliseum of Comics at 22 S. Broadway, Kissimmee, FL. If you have any questions, please comment.


Adeptus Orlandicus Presents:

The Road to Glory!

++++Transmission Begins+++
Citizens of the Imperium!

Once again, the vile and pernicious Xenos and Foul Traitor violate the Domain of the Emperor!

Once again, the Last Light of His Justice may be guttered out on a Human World. Unless you, His Subjects and the bearers of His Sacred Flame, purge that world of their vile taint! With Holy Bolter, Cleansing Flame, and Burning Faith we will drive the Heretic and the Xenos from Koli Seum III!

Join us, Loyal Citizen of the Imperium! Fight the multitudinous hordes of Xenos filth as we drive to retake the capital of Koli Seum III: Kissimmee!

++++Transmission ends+++ Thought for the day: Zeal is its own excuse


Hello, Central Florida Gamers!

The campaign begins 09/20/08, and is open to any and all players of Warhammer 40k. On opening day, Players will play as many opponents as they want, playing either of these two scenarios: Battle 1 - The Spoils of War (page 253, 5th Ed Book), and/or Battle 2 - Force Supremacy(page 254). Each player may play as many times as they like, but may only play the same opponent twice, once for Scenario 1, and once for Scenario 2. Once the game is finished, the Victor may taunt his vanquished foe, and also turn in results to campaign staff to gain a point for his/her chosen side, either the Forces of Order, or the Forces of Destruction. Results will be tabulated, and whichever side wins that week will gain advantages though out the campaign. DURING THIS WEEK, CAMPAIGN GAMES ARE RESTRICTED TO 1250 POINTS MAXIMUM, WITH ONLY ONE HS ALLOWED, AS THEY ARE RAIDS.

The campaign will continue 10/04/08 with Scenario 3- Breakthrough! (page 255) with the winning side from 9/20 being the attackers, and Scenario 4 - The Beginning of the End, with the winning side choosing the deployment style. The same rules apply with the opponents, only once per scenario played. DURING THIS WEEK, GAMES ARE AT 1850 MAX. THE ATTACKER HAS THE OPTION OF SACRAFICING TWO HEAVY SUPPORT OPTIONS FOR AN EXTRA FAST ATTACK SLOT, AND THE DEFENDER HAS THE OPTION OF SACRAFICING TWO FAST ATTACK SLOTS FOR ONE EXTRA HEAVY SUPPORT SLOT.

November 1st will see the campaign to it's conclusion with the Cauldron of War!, Scenario 5, which will be played as an Apocalypse battle. Bring 2000 points and chose your sides wisely. The results of the campaign will have a great impact on this final battle! Bring your luckiest dice, and your most fearsome list, and decide the fate of a world! Will Order shoulder on against the Dark, or will the galaxy burn? It's up to you!

Which will you chose?


This is the official site for the Adeptus Orlandicus Gaming Club.

We are a group of gamers focused primarily on Warhammer 40k (though we cover other games like Warmachine, etc.) located in the Orlando Florida Area.

Here we will post upcoming events in the area, reviews of recently released related product, hobby articles, and much more!

You can also view our forum to comment on proposed events or any other conversation. (The link is to the left).

Thanks for viewing...