Friday, September 12, 2008

'ard Boyz Clarifications

As reported on Dakka, etc.. If you haven't seen it already, hopefully you'll see it here. These are official from GW, and if your store isn't running this, then they're not running an 'ard Boys Tourney. The guard army I thought about taking went from 47 KPs down to 22.

Ard Boyz Tournament Clarifications

Here’s some extra clarification about the missions and scoring for this years ‘Ardboyz 40k event.

• Table size is standard 4’x6’
• Ardboyz doesn’t mean throw out the rulebook. You don’t use Apocalypse rules, and can’t use superheavies. You still need to use the FOC (and just 1 FOC!), and need to make a legal army.
• Game length is standard, as per the 5th edition rulebook. Roll at the end of turn 5 and 6 to end the game, as described in the rulebook on page 90.
• ‘Ardboyz is an open list tournament. Meaning that you should bring 4 copies of your list, and hand one over to each opponent if he wants one. Your opponent and you are both allowed to review each others’ lists, and ask questions, both before and during the game.
• Only one army list may be used during the tournament. Players may not adjust lists between games.

• For Battle Point Modifiers in Scenario 1, replace ‘highest scoring unit’ with ‘unit with the highest points cost’.
• In scenario 1, ‘Reserves’ should be added to the special rules. (Can’t outflank or deepstrike if you can’t leave anything in reserve. )
• Don’t forget that missions 2 and 3 used ‘Dawn of War deployment’, and includes night fighting for turn 1.
• Under deployment in missions 2 and 3, the Note about deploying all troops and HQ choices does not mean you must deploy all your troops and HQ. You may still leave troops and HQ in reserve, as long as you still have at least 1 HQ and 2 troops choices on the table. You may leave units in reserve if you can legally do so. You may also leave them off the table, and not in reserve, to move on in turn 1 with the rest of your army, as per the scenario rules.



KP for ‘Ardboyz are done differently than in the 5th edition rulebook. Instead of assigning KP by squad, they are assigned to each choice off the Force Organization Chart (FOC). If a choice on the FOC includes several parts, then KP are not earned until all parts of the choice are destroyed.

Example 1: An IG troop platoon of 1 Jr. command squad and two 10 man troop squads will earn a player 1 KP when all 3 squads are destroyed.

Example 2: A Space Marine Captain and his command squad will earn a player 3 KP when both the Captain and the command squad are dead.
Example 3: Three lictors taken as an elite choice will earn a player 2 KP when all 3 are dead.

Example 4: A space marine squad of 10 marines splits into two 5 man squads before deployment. Both 5 man squads need to be destroyed to earn the 1 KP they give up as a troops choice.

Example 5: A vehicle squadron of 3 sentinels taken as a fast attack choice is 2 kp when all 3 sentinels are destroyed.

Kill points per FOC choice:
HQ 3 Pts
Troops 1 Pt
Elite 2 Pts
Fast Attack 2 Pts
Heavy Support 2 Pts

• Dedicated transports do not provide Kill Points. They also do not have to be destroyed to earn the KP for the unit they transport. If the unit is destroyed, the KP are earned, regardless of the fate of the dedicated transport.
• Units that do not take up a spot on the FOC, such as Lesser Daemons and Chaos Spawn still count for KP. Check the relevant codex for how they are classified. In Codex:CSM Lesser Daemons are troops, Greater Daemons are HQ, and Spawn are fast attack.
• Some units can be used to create/spawn other models. Good examples are Biovores and Tomb Spiders. In these cases, ignore the created models as far as KP are concerned. Killing the swarm or sporemine is 0 KP. Killing the Biovore or Tomb Spider earns the player the KP regardless of what happens to the swarm/sporemine.
• Models with the ‘Advisor’ rule do not count for KP themselves. Consider them a squad upgrade for their assigned squads. If Commisars are taken under the IC doctrine, they count as an elite choice, and when all Commisars have been killed, count as 2 KP.
• Some units can be taken as different choices on the FOC. In this case, the players army list should reflect how they have been taken, and what they count as.

• Example 6: An Ork player takes an Ork Warboss as his HQ. This allows him to then take a unit or Ork nobz as either an elite or troops choice. If he takes them as an elite, they give up 2KP. If taken as a troops choice, they give up 1KP. In either case the nobz could take a dedicated transport of a battlewagon, which wouldn’t count for KP at all. .

Any questions?


Company Master Bardiel said...

110 IG, in two platoons, 2 Kill Points. I can see a lot of IG players.

Valhallan42nd said...

I'd agree if we knew this two months ago. A lot of people are already locked in to what they're playing, and don't have the time to assemble an army like that. You'll see one, maybe two like that, and they won't get far due to objectives being primary in two scenarios.

CrimsonFist said...

It is possible

Valhallan42nd said...

Believe me, if I had that army, I'd be using it. But even I don't have that many Valhallans/etc.

Company Master Bardiel said...

I do in cadians. Not painted and I will be working that day oh well.