Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Road to Glory!

This is taking Place at Coliseum of Comics at 22 S. Broadway, Kissimmee, FL. If you have any questions, please comment.


Adeptus Orlandicus Presents:

The Road to Glory!

++++Transmission Begins+++
Citizens of the Imperium!

Once again, the vile and pernicious Xenos and Foul Traitor violate the Domain of the Emperor!

Once again, the Last Light of His Justice may be guttered out on a Human World. Unless you, His Subjects and the bearers of His Sacred Flame, purge that world of their vile taint! With Holy Bolter, Cleansing Flame, and Burning Faith we will drive the Heretic and the Xenos from Koli Seum III!

Join us, Loyal Citizen of the Imperium! Fight the multitudinous hordes of Xenos filth as we drive to retake the capital of Koli Seum III: Kissimmee!

++++Transmission ends+++ Thought for the day: Zeal is its own excuse


Hello, Central Florida Gamers!

The campaign begins 09/20/08, and is open to any and all players of Warhammer 40k. On opening day, Players will play as many opponents as they want, playing either of these two scenarios: Battle 1 - The Spoils of War (page 253, 5th Ed Book), and/or Battle 2 - Force Supremacy(page 254). Each player may play as many times as they like, but may only play the same opponent twice, once for Scenario 1, and once for Scenario 2. Once the game is finished, the Victor may taunt his vanquished foe, and also turn in results to campaign staff to gain a point for his/her chosen side, either the Forces of Order, or the Forces of Destruction. Results will be tabulated, and whichever side wins that week will gain advantages though out the campaign. DURING THIS WEEK, CAMPAIGN GAMES ARE RESTRICTED TO 1250 POINTS MAXIMUM, WITH ONLY ONE HS ALLOWED, AS THEY ARE RAIDS.

The campaign will continue 10/04/08 with Scenario 3- Breakthrough! (page 255) with the winning side from 9/20 being the attackers, and Scenario 4 - The Beginning of the End, with the winning side choosing the deployment style. The same rules apply with the opponents, only once per scenario played. DURING THIS WEEK, GAMES ARE AT 1850 MAX. THE ATTACKER HAS THE OPTION OF SACRAFICING TWO HEAVY SUPPORT OPTIONS FOR AN EXTRA FAST ATTACK SLOT, AND THE DEFENDER HAS THE OPTION OF SACRAFICING TWO FAST ATTACK SLOTS FOR ONE EXTRA HEAVY SUPPORT SLOT.

November 1st will see the campaign to it's conclusion with the Cauldron of War!, Scenario 5, which will be played as an Apocalypse battle. Bring 2000 points and chose your sides wisely. The results of the campaign will have a great impact on this final battle! Bring your luckiest dice, and your most fearsome list, and decide the fate of a world! Will Order shoulder on against the Dark, or will the galaxy burn? It's up to you!

Which will you chose?

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