Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better Know a Podcast:

Sci-fi Troy made mention of the World Wide War, but not everyone may be familiar with Spencer and Philip, the hosts of 40k Radio. "All 40k, all the time!" is their tag, and that pretty much sums up the show. If you're looking for breadth, look elsewhere. But where others took an extra long episode to cover 40k 5th Edition, the boys rigorously plowed through the rules sections for a several episode arc, giving much more depth to highlight the multiple changes.

Spencer pretty much runs the show, and I find Phil to pretty much be the yes man/occasional foil to the Spencer's host duties. I really didn't like Phil at first, and I thought he was just there to pad time, but like he grew on me in the last few episodes with the current "Steel Cage" army building/playing challenge. Most episodes will cover the latest rumors, and interview various luminaries, such as Brimstone from Warseer, Nick Kyme (author of the soon to be published Salamanders novel), etc. They are also known for a series of interviews they did at Games Day Baltimore with Jervis, et al. I’d recommend all the interviews, as it puts a more human face on the Evil Empire to which we all supplicate our wallets. One criticism of the Games Day interviews is that they were full of softball questions, but bear in mind that they were from a preapproved question list, so erase a bit of that humanness off, I suppose…

My favorite segment is their Third Party Products, which are generally followed by a video review of said product soon after the Episode. Do you want to sink 10 bucks of your hard earned cash into that bit of plastic? Will it be worth it? The boys will let you know. The videos are extremely helpful and concise, and are worth a visit to the site if nothing else.

They do have contests, but membership to their forum and support of the site is required to enter the contests, and use their forums. I haven’t put my money down yet, but I’m considering it for the additional content.

Then end all and be all is that this is well worth a listen to while painting/ modeling/ spending time lashed to your hobby desk. Oh, also, they’re giving away $700 worth of product to the winner of the World Wide War this Saturday if you win, so you might want to check them out.

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