Monday, September 29, 2008

Road To Glory! First Week Results

Campaign Week one is over!

The Forces of Order have won the first week, and are the Attackers for the next campaign week, which starts October 4th and lasts until October 10th!

The next week's campaign games are 1850 points, and the Attackers have the ability to sacrafice 2 Heavy Support choices for one additional Fast Attack choice. The Attackers also choose the deployment order in Scenario 3, and the deployment type in scenario 4. They also gain one additional asset to use in the Apoc game at the end of the Campaign.

All is not lost for the forces of Destruction. The Defenders, dug in and awaiting the rapid advance of the attackers, may sacrafice two Fast attacks to gain additional one Heavy Support choice. I beleive the Tyrant of Badab might have a choice quote about big guns to add here...

The winner of this Campaign week will gain an addtional assest in the Apoc Battle, and will gain a bonus five minutes over and above their bid to deploy/go first


Anonymous said...

As a defender, I can see where this will be entertaining.

4 Vindicators
4 Defilers
12 Obliterators
4+ Land Raiders


Zorrax said...

What was the final tally for Order v Disorder?

I know I lost twice as a disorder player.

Valhallan42nd said...

It was actually very close. Order won by one point.

zorrax said...

Would it be wrong to bring 4 Monoliths as my heavy support choice?

Valhallan42nd said...

As long as you only brought like 19 actual necrons, so your phase out is 5 models.

Anonymous said...

2 RO Lords
35 Warriors
4 Monoliths

Have fun.