Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - September 21st, 2008

Greetings friends! SciFiCity Troy here, with the latest and greatest in gaming news from Sci-Fi City Orlando!

Radio 40K World Wide War went wonderfully last Saturday! The local results:
  • Sportsmanship Award: 1st - Eric Wood; 2nd - Evan Rowland
  • Painting Award: 1st - Erich Schoenholtz; 2nd - Chris Humphries
  • Best General: 1st - Erich Schoenholtz; 2nd - Vincent Lookebill
  • Player's Choice Army: Vincent Lookebill
  • Overall Champion: Erich Schoenholtz
Erich Schoenholtz's Black Templar Land Raiders

We're still awaiting the world-wide winners results from the fine folks at 40K Radio. I'll update you when I know more!

In other news, our Friday Night Fights, held last Friday night (I know, go figure) were great fun. We ran two matches in a labyrinthine set-up between several Space Marine Dreadnoughts. Here's a couple shots of the action...

(Check the rules here - every army has something allowed in the Arena!) We'll be running a Dread Arena again this Friday (the 26th) as well as the following Friday (Oct. 3rd) - so stop by around 6 p.m. and bring your heavyweights!

Upcoming Events! We've got an action-packed week (and month!) ahead!

Thursday Night is Board Game Night at Sci-Fi City. This week we'll be playing Carcassonne - stop by and play for free after 4 p.m. And don't forget the 20% discount all day!

As mentioned: Friday Night Fights - Dread Arena this Friday at 6 p.m. (And watch for new FNF events in October! Warmachine, Warhammer Fantasy, maybe even Mordheim... is no game safe?!?)

And then Saturday the 27th - the last big hurrah in Warhammer 40K Month! We're finishing things up with a full day of 40K goodness. First off is the 40K RTT (1750 pts - $15 - prizes - Lists due by 11 a.m. - Dice hit the table at 11:30 - All current Codices.) We'll also be judging our monthly Painting Competition for best single model and best unit from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set. (I hope you got yours! We just sold out of our 50-some supply, and now we have to wait for GW to make some before we can get more!) And speaking of AoBR - if you're looking to trade your orks or your SMs, Saturday's Bitz Day may be your answer! You can also bring any other bitz you gotz - Warhammer 40K or Fantasy, Bloodbowl, Warmachine, or what-ever-else! Call us or stop by and we'll add you to our growing have/want list (or you can find out what everyone else is looking for and offering.)

Finally, don't miss out on double Awards Card points for all Games Workshop products, only until the end of this month!

And next month will be full of so much gaming fun, it's scary! Every Terrifying Thursday Board Game Night will feature a different Halloween-themed board game (Such as Arkham Horror on the 2nd, and Zombies!!! on the 9th...)

And Monsterpocalypse - the new CMG from Privateer Press - will smash its way onto the scene with a big release event on October 18th. (Plus, you can have a sneak peek at the Oct. 16th Board Game Night!)
There will be demos all day, and we'll host a sealed box tournament with some fantastic (you might even say "pocalyptic") prizes!

And there's still more! I'll give you all the details in the coming weeks, but here's a taste of what you can look forward to in October at Sci-Fi City:
  • Super Hero Sculpting Workshop Oct. 4th
  • Warmachine Tournament Oct. 4th
  • WH Fantasy Warbands Escalation League Oct. 5th
  • 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals Oct. 11th
  • Heroscape Tournament on National Heroscape Day Oct. 18th
  • Fantasy RTT Oct. 25th
  • October's Creeeepy Painting Competition Oct. 25th
  • A can't-be-missed Halloween Party on the 31st - food, music, and scary gaming fun until midnight!
As always, you can find out more details at our freshly updated Events Page!

Now I'm off to get some rest - I'm going to need it to keep up with everything happening in the coming weeks!

I'm SciFiCity Troy, signing off - and looking forward to seeing YOU at Sci-Fi City!


Valhallan42nd said...

Are you planning on having this game for your Halloween board game nights:
Last Night on Earth

And do you stock this game:
Cutthroat Caverns

You are planning on stocking the new BSG game, right?

SciFiCity-Troy said...

We are hoping to have Last Night on Earth for sometime in the month - it's been a tad difficult to get (and keep) in stock, so we haven't added it to our schedule. If we do get it in, we may co-feature it on one of the board game nights, or we may have it available for play at the Halloween party.

I'll have to check on Cutthroat Caverns. (I'm not at the store right now...) If we don't currently stock it, I'll see what I can do - it looks fun!

And YES, we definitely plan on carrying Battlestar Galactica, just as soon as we can get our hands on it! Have you seen the rules and FAQ at the Fantasy Flight site?