Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rhubarb Games update

Greeting Orlando area gamers,

This is the first in what will hopefully be many posts about events that we have going on at Rhubarb Games.

I would like to start off with a nod to one of our longest running events at the store, Bloodbowl. Our current Major league season (high Team Value teams; minimum 150 usually closer to 175 or so) is on game 8 although it seems most people are behind currently. The Sisterhood is running away with it again. Hopefully someone can derail this juggernaut. Special nod to Dan for running both leagues for Blood Bowl

Division A
Blood Beasts (Chaos) 5-1
Body Snatchers (Undead) 4-2-1
Arrogant Wyrms (Lizardmen) 2-4-1
the Black Lampreys (Vampires) 2-4-1

Division B
Salacious Sisterhood (Amazon) 6-0
Lake Ivanhoe Valkyries (Norse) 2-4-1
Smash & Trash (Orks) 1-4-1
Crimson Corsairs (Dark Elves) 1-3

In our minor league of the Orklando Bloodbowl League we are currently on game 5 of 8. We already have one team ahead of schedule and one team finished with their season with several teams seemingly setting up for that final week "I need a bunch of games" scramble that always happens. I recall the last time I played in the majors having to do 3 games in one day just to catch up. Not fun but Blood Bowl can sometimes be a hurry up and wait kind of game that people fit in around their 40k, Fantasy, FOW and/or Warmachine/Hordes habits. Things are a little bit tighter in this league with 3 teams in Division 2 that seem to be big threats at the end.

Division 1
Harbingers of Lloth (Dark Elves) 2-2-1
Da Tuf Guyz (Ork) 3-5
Bogenhafen Brawlers (Human) 0-3-1
Angry Exes (High Elf) 0-1
Brain Dead Mashers (Necromatic) 0-1
Clean Sweep (Humans) 0-1

Division 2
Tyranid Tyrants (Lizardmen) 4-0-1
Koighnavok Shemal (Wood Elf) 3-0-1
Woodland Raiders (Wood Elf) 4-2
LA Ram Tuts (Khemri) 0-1-2
Zippy & the Bungle Boyz (Ork) 0-1

We just started our 40k escalation League this past Thursday. I like to spice things up in the Escalations, limiting the force org chart, messing with missions, etc. For the first week players were only able to field HQ and Troop choices, they only had 500 points and the missions were 4 way, every man for himself affairs. 15 points for first place, 12 for second, 8 for third and 5 for last allowed for a decent spread without putting anyone out of the running. There was one tie for second and one for third out of 3 matches. Our leader board for the 40k Escalation is as follows:

Brian 15
Mark 15
Ryan 15
Bryan M. 12
Ben 12
Frog 12
Steve 12
John 8
JT 8
Miles 8
Scott R 8
Chris S 5

Flames of War
Our Flames of War community has been rather hopping as of late. Ed will be running a tournament this Saturday, September 27th at Hurricon. We are also on round 2 of our Flames league. Ed works rather hard on this stuff getting these two events to work and we thank him for that. League Standings:
Division A
Jim (USA) 2-0
Dan (Italy) 1-0
Ed (USSR) 1-0
Leo (Germany) 1-1
Ambros (Germany) 0-0
Laura (USA) 0-0
Ken (USA) 0-1
Rich (Germany) 0-1

Division B
Jacob (Germany) 2-0
Lionel (Germany) 1-0
Glenn (Germany) 0-0
Jim (Germany) 0-0
Jeremy (Italy) 0-0
Terry (USA) 0-0
Jeff (USSR) 0-1
Sel (Germany) 0-2
Joey (GB) 0-2

Upcoming Events
9/22 Warmachine/Hordes Terrain making night- trying to get things together for our next a Call to Arms League
9/24 Lord of the Rings-our new community will meet for some friendly matches
9/25 40k Escalation League 750 points (Troops, HQ, and Heavy support only)
9/27 Flames of War Tournament at Hurricon
9/28 Flames of War League at Rhubarb

Further Down the line
10/6 Warmachine/Hordes a Call to Arms League Caspia Sul Incursions Week 1
10/10 Armies of Arcana Campaign starts
10/18 Warhammer Fantasy Warbands tournament 500 pts
10/25 Warhammer 40k Rouge Trader Tournament 1750 pts

Well, I think that finishes off everything that we have going on around here. As we get closer to any of these upcoming events I will post information about Arcana, the Warmachine league and any of our tournaments. If you are seeking more info now please visit
our forum
our events calendar
and our events registration page (mostly used for tournaments)

Have fun,
Rhubarb Games

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