Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monsterpocalypse Halloween Tournament - Sci-Fi City

Greetings Monster Fans!

Hot off the presses - it's official:

Tomorrow night at 6 p.m. we will be having our first Monsterpocalypse sealed booster tournament! (Yes, we have boosters in!)

The Halloween Spooktacular Monsterpocalypse Smackdown requires you to buy 2 unit boosters and 1 monster booster. You'll keep the monster you draw, and then we will do a "take one and pass the box" unit draft:

1) Everyone sits in a circle, opens up one unit booster.
2) Take the building from the booster and keep it.
3) Take your choice of one unit from the booster.
4) Pass the booster (now containing three units) to the right.
5) Choose a unit from the booster just passed to you. Pass the remaining units to the right.
6) Choose a unit from the booster just passed to you. Pass the remaining unit to the right.
7) Finally keep the last unit passed to you. Take your second booster box and start again at step 1.

Then face your opponents (with your monster, 8 units, and 2 buildings) in a 3 round, swiss-style, knockdown tournament! The Winner will get first choice from three Monster Mega-forms (Defender X, Cthugrosh, or Gorghadra). Second place gets second choice, and third place gets what's left!

And don't forget, this will be the last day for Double Rewards Card Points on Monsterpocalypse!

Plus there'll be candy, demo games, and we're open until midnight! (AND Double Rewards Card Points for everyone in costume on everything!) And candy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - October 20th, 2008

Greetings and welcome to the Sci-Fi City News! I'm SciFiCity Troy, and I'll be your host for the next little bit...

Let's get right to it with a quick schedule change: This week's Board Game Night featured game will be A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game by Flying Frog Productions. If you're not familiar with this gem, it has a bit in common with the popular Arkham Horror. The main difference is that instead of cooporating with your fellow players, you are competing with them to be the first to defeat the villain! Come try it out Thursday night after 4 p.m. - and if you like it you can pick it up at a 20% discount!

Hot on the heels of Board Game Night, we're having a Monsterpocalypse Smack Down as our Friday Night Fights event this week. We'll have shiny new Monster and Unit Boosters in stock to add to your growing hordes. Come buy, trade, and battle this Friday starting at 5 o'clock!

Saturday is our Warhammer Fantasy RTT. All the standard stuff: $15 entry, 2250 pts, lists due by 11, battles start at noon. We'll also be judging our monthly painting competition - Bring your best diorama / scene / unit and your best single model for the scariest / spookiest / un-deadest / halloweeniest themed event!

And we're not done yet! Sunday will start the fourth and final week of the Warhammer Fantasy Warbands Escalation League. Bring your 500-point warband and join in the fun! We'll likely take a short break and start a new league in a few weeks - so now's the time to get some practice in...

And speaking of Sunday: I'm still waiting for details, but there's apparently a 30-50 member game club that is holding a meet-up at Sci-Fi City this Sunday. From what I gathered, they're bringing board games, and are open for people to join in the fun... If you're interested in board gaming, stop by and check it out!

A brief look ahead shows an equally packed weekend next week! Watch this blog for complete details with my next update - in the meantime, here's a quick peek:
  • Thursday 10/30: Board Game Night (Munchkin Cthulu and Zombie Fluxx)
  • Friday 10/31: Sci-Fi City Halloween Party! (Treats and double reward card points for everyone in costume, food, music, a scavenger hunt, Friday Night Fights Warmachine Event, a Monsterpocalypse Tournament, AND we're staying open until midnight to squeeze every lost drop of fun out of the night! Don't miss it!)
  • Saturday 11/1: The start of Fantasy Flight Games Month - double Reward Card points on all FFG products all month long. Also: Bitz and Model Day, and our monthly Warmachine Tournament!

Other hints of things to come: a monthly XBox tournament, Savage Sundays, and more Monsterpocalypse Madness!

Whew! Guess I better get busy getting things ready! As always, you can check out our complete events schedule at our website. So for now, SciFiCity Troy - signing off! (And hoping to see YOU at Sci-Fi City!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Monsters Invade Sci-Fi City!


Here's a quick update for all you Monsterpocalypse fans...

This Saturday (tomorrow!) we're having a Monsterpocalypse Party! (Okay - that you already knew...)

The Bad News: We are currently sold out of all MP Starters, Monster Boosters and Unit Boosters. (Well, as I write this, we have one (1) Unit Booster left. Hurry in and get it before it's gone!)

The Good News: We do have 3 Strategy Guides!

More Good News: The Party will not be stopped!

At noon we will be holding a "Monsterpocalypse RTT" - bring the monster, units, buildings and map(s) of your choice. We will run a single-elimination tournament using all the standard game rules (to-wit: 1 Monster, up to 15 units, 2-12 buildings, no more than 5 of any one unit, no more than 5 elite units overall, no more than 5 of any one building, roll for set-up: loser chooses map, winner sets up first, etc.) Please be here and registered for the tournament by 11:30 a.m.

The winner of this FREE tournament will get his choice of Mega-Form monster from the three that we have available!

But wait, there's more! Come play with other Monster Fans all day long. Come TRADE with other Monster Fans all day long! Free demos to teach you the game! Don't have any monsters? One of the staff here will even loan you one of their precious armies so you can try the game!

And never fear, we will be getting more Monsters in soon! And look for more Monsterpocalypse events at Sci-Fi City - something almost every week! (Check out our events page for the latest and greatest!)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog - and we hope to see YOU at Sci-Fi City for some Monsterpocalyptic Action!

Events this weekend, the short Version

1850 40k RTT at CoC - Mutable lists, oh my!

Fantasy Warband Event at Rhubarb

Sons of Dorn Vs Orks Private Apoc game at Sci-Fi

If you've got anything else going on, comment so I can add it. I'm going to expand this later, but work call right now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Much delayed Rhubarb Report

Hello all,

Sorry for not posting in a bit. Life gets in the way sometimes. Things are rather good around here. People seem to be enjoying Monsterpocalypse and the new Space Marine stuff is doing well for us. We will be bringing back some old favorites and revamping our thinking on a game or two in the near future. Stay tuned for details. We are trying to keep things interesting at Rhubarb.

Armies of Arcana

Arcana is a great game. Any fantasy game that allows you to use historical miniatures, GW fantasy miniatures, Reaper stuff, Croc Games and any other company you can think of allows players a great deal of freedom. Combined with a relatively simple rule set and complex tactical decisions on the board this game is a winner. Of course finding places that actually carry it is difficult. We just started our new campaign with the old rules while we await a shipment of the new, shiny rule set. So far there are 6 armies involved in our campaign. This campaign is designed for people to be able to move in and out of campaign so that more people can enjoy this game.

So far we have seeded our players on the first 2 land masses of our new world. We have one player playing Graccans (Ancient Greeks with fantasy elements), 2 Undead players (one Egyptian themed the other I am not sure yet), a Caliphate player (fantasy Arab/Persian/Middle Eastern army), a High Elf player (using Lord of the Rings models), and a Dwarf player. Out of these armies we have people using figs from WH Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Crocodile Games, Reaper, Tales of War, Rebel Miniatures, Fenryll, Mega Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast, and Blood Bowl. The only thing that is important is figs being relatively compatible in scale and the base sizes working off of intervals of 25mm.

After seeding the board it took us 3 turns for anyone to bump into each other. Our only fight of the first round is the Dwarves versus the Elves. You can find more about this campaign at our Settlers of Arcana board and that map you is our campaign map. I would like to thank Jagavahn for creating that map.

Blood Bowl

Our Blood Bowl leagues are still going on. We will have a better update later once we have accounted for all of our recent results. Thanks to Dan S for running both leagues.


Warbands tournament- Our Warbands tournament will be this Saturday, October 18th. 500pts, being run by Chris C, $10 entry fee. It should be a lot of fun. You can sign up here.

Flames of War

League- Here are the league standings for Flames of War. Thanks to Ed L for running this league.

Division A
Dan (Italy) 2-0
Jim (USA) 3-1
Ken (USA) 1-1
Ambrose (Germany) 0-0
Laura (USA) 0-0
Ed (USSR) 1-2
Leo (Germany) 1-2
Rich (Germany) 0-1

Division B
Jacob (Germany) 3-0
Lionel (Germany) 1-0
Jeff (USSR) 1-1
Glenn (Germany) 0-0
Jeremy (Italy) 0-0
Terry (USA) 0-0
Jim (Germany) 0-1
Sel (Germany) 0-2
Joey (GB) 0-2


Escalation League-we only have this Thursday and next Thursday until this league is finished. It is looking like we might have a photo finish. We will be pairing off the top 6 players this week.

Bryan 47
Ryan 45
Steve 42
Pepe 40
Brian 30
Miles 28
JT 27
Frog 27
Geoff 25
Mark 20
Adam 10
Hod 10
Scott R. 8
John 8
Chris 5
Scott S. 5

40k RTT -We will be hosting our next 40k RTT on Saturday October 25th. 1750 points, $10 entry. You can sign up here.

By the Way-Congratulations are in order for Gareth and Hod for their strong showing at the second round of the 'Ard Boyz. First and second, respectively. The other player from our qualifier, Dan came in fifth. I would also like to thank Sci Fi for hosting a great event. I did not get to swing by but a bunch of our regulars stopped in and had very positive comments about the event.

Warmachine/Hordes Standings

Caspia-Sul Incursions League-we started our league on Monday the 6th. So far we have had a good turnout but I have a feeling we will have some more people joining up soon.

Ambrose 22
Chris C 20
Daniel H 12
Ryan 12
Scott 11
Adrian 10
Tom 8
Miles 7
John 5
Chris S 5
Jay 5
Hod 1
Troy 1

Upcoming Events
10/16 40k Escalation League Week 5
10/18 Warhammer Fantasy Warbands tournament
10/20 Warmachine/Hordes Caspia Sul Incursions Week 3
10/23 40k Escalation League Final Week
10/24 Settlers of Arcana Campaign round 2
10/25 40k RTT
10/26 Flames of War League

Further down the Line
11/6 40k Escalation League starts
11/8 Apocalypse Stand Fast Lucky 13s
11/29 Warhammer Fantasy RTT

Well, I think that is about it for now. Hopefully I will have some more fun stuff for next week.

Have fun,

Neptune Gamer's Challenge

View Larger Map

To be held on Nov 7th & 8th

Quoth yhprum01:
Great event held twice a year. Personally been going for 10+ years. The price is more than a CoC event but well worth it. I've almost never come away with no door prize or a door prize valued at less than I paid to get in. In fact, I have boxes of stuff laying around the house that I won that I haven't even gotten to yet. The prize support is larger than most RTTs and the prizes for Best Gen, Best Overall, etc are unique and fun (real sword, real gauntlets, etc.).

The tourney (40k or Fantasy) is always on the Saturday and not the Friday night but if you want a pick up game or enjoy watching people play games, go on Friday as well. They do door prize drawings on Friday so if you want to maximize your chances of winning, go both days. If I'm not mistaken, I think Holmes said there was a APOC battle this time on Friday? Correct me if I'm wrong.

The players tend to be more fluff oriented than win oriented. Younger crowd (sponsored by a middle school club, after all), more unpainted minis, lots more space between tables than any other tourney, but a fun experience none the less. I continue to go to this because I have a blast and I know that the opponent won't be going for my throat if they lose. Plus, Holmes' scenarios are a bit different than the normal RTT scenarios so it keeps it interesting.

Pizza is typically delivered on Saturday at $1/slice and they have sodas for purchase. Or you can drive down to the road to Taco Hell, BK, etc.

You'll like it if you go.


Necromunda In Full Swing

It's only been a week, and already there are 7 gangs fighting for survival in the shadowy Underhives of Necromunda.

Malicious Joy - Cawdor
Crowmag's Night Stalkers - Ratskins
Precinct 13 - Enforcers
Angelic Death - Spyers
The Crusade of the Blood - Redemptionist rules, but far more sinister
The Ice Spiders - Delaque (with furry hats)
Le Resistance - Skavvies

More gangs are welcome, from any store in the area, and games can be played anywhere. Like in your homes, or comic shops, or the park if you're so inclined. Though I think it would be odd to do so at Disney World.

From the AO boards:

Rat Skins and Scavvies crossed in the deep depths of Hive Primus. At the sight (or smell) of the foe the the two sides scattered to take up position ready for the fight to come. (The deployment went great)

The Rat Skins took the initiative and started to close. The Scavvies seeing movement did the same. The two sides closed quickly. The hive born natives moved in mass leaving two members behind taking the high ground to provide covering fire. As the shadows flickered and moved so did the lowest of the low. Advancing in 3 groups, scatter guns down the left and centre and the assault team down the right (looking back not a good ides )

Then the first shoots echoed through the slumps. Hitting the Scaly with a scatter gun and the blood flowed, but it was just a flesh wound. The same happen to the boss the hive scum. In return the Scavvies moved up to get there weapons into range.

COMBAT!!!! The Rats charged with the lead member of the party taking out a Scavy with a scatter gun. The snipers in the towers fired again taking down a Scavy moving up the centre. Other shoots aimed at the Scaly with the scatter gun took him down, leaving him bleeding on the floor. Now the Scavvies had range!!!! They fired and hit but failed to do any damage. However, the Scaly launched a bolt from his spear gun. He impaled a rat and sent him flying from the first story, removing the ground from under his feet. With the fall and a spear protruding from his gut he was down.

The Rat Skins closed for the kill. With the boss and a totem warrior charging what was left of the left flank. It was short lived as both of the Scavvies fumbled there attacks at the shock of this sudden action. A shoot fired from the remaining rat in the tower took down another Scavy Looking around and seeing 3 out of action and another 3 members down the Scavvies bottled.

After the fight and back at the swamp, tending the Scaly that had been horribly scared, the scum noticed that two of there group were nowhere to be seen. Deciding that no one gets left behind (Scavvies make good food) the boss declares a rescue will be attempted.

With the battle won the Rat Skin dragged their two captive back to the camp. One with just cuts and bruises. The other however was just hanging onto life having taken multiple wounds. His chest was open and he was missing an eye. His remaining eye was wide with shell shook. With injures like that they would leave some old battle wounds.

Contemplating the results of the battle many the Rat Skins shared the lessons they had learn that they could take with them into the next fight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

FAQ News + December Doubles: Naughty and Nice(ish)

By now, you've all heard of the new Dark Angel's FAQ, but I've heard no mention on the intertubes of the new October Rulebook FAQ.

There is a clarification of Multi-combat, that now stipulates that if your unit is being attacked by two units, but a particular model is only in base contact with one, then that model has to throw its attacks to the unit it's base contact with. Which makes sense.

Shooting Psyhic powers from a Vehicle: Do you need LoS? Then you need a fire point in a vehicle to target another unit. No lashing from your Land Raider, kids.

Vehicle turrets etc, can block LOS from other guns firing from the same vehicle.

Note to Guard and BT players... No sharing transports, since your codex says no. Codex > Rulebook. And an IG Command Squad is two KPs, confirmed as per the FAQ.

Also of note:

I'm running a Holiday themed Doubles Tourney at Coliseum, probably the first weekend of Decemeber. Find a friend, grab some dice, and go here: to see the offical thread. We've also got a discussion group on the AO forum to talk about the propsed scenarios. I look forward you hearing about it from y'all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - October 8th, 2008

Greetings monster fans! SciFiCity-Troy here with your latest and greatest Sci-Fi City News Update!

Last Sunday we had a great turnout for the Warhammer Fantasy Warbands League kick-off. Sixteen players played a combined total of 22 games! And it's not too late to join in! Besides the overall league Champion, we will also be offering a prize for the Best General (best average score out of all who have played at least 12 games), and certificates for each week's winner and runner up! So get together a 300-point warband and bring it this Sunday to get in on the Week Two action!

For you Warmachine fans out there, we are going to make last Saturday's Warmachine tournament a regular event. From now on, the first Saturday of each month will see a Warmachine Tournament, GUARANTEED! So mark your calendars now, and make sure your army is up to date – you get DOUBLE Rewards Card points on all Privateer Press products in October at Sci-Fi City.

ONLY two days until Monsterpocalypse! The monsters hit the streets on Friday, October 10th, and Sci-Fi City will have them all – and did I mention the double Rewards Card points for Privateer Press products? (Guess who makes Monsterpocalypse…) We're delaying our release party for a week (thanks to the 'Ard Boyz semi-finals on the 11th) – which means you'll have a whole week to get your faction started and get all your extras ready for the trading action. At the Monsterpocalypse Party (October 18th) we'll be hosting several tournaments, helping you with trading, AND we'll be ready to play (or teach you to play!) all day long! (The entire SFC staff plans on getting into this one in a BIG way…)

Board Game Nights at Sci-Fi City have been doing great! Last Thursday we had a close call as six intrepid investigators barely held off Azathoth in Arkham Horror. (Thanks guys! BTW – rumor has it another elder one is stirring in its slumber and we may once again be calling on you to save the world in November…)

Speaking of saving the world, get ready for an attack of the Zombies!!! This terrifying Thursday, 4-9 pm, you can play this great game for free! We'll gladly teach you if you haven't played before, and you'll enjoy a 20% discount on Zombies!!! all day long!

(And – sneak peek - next Thursday: Monsterpocalypse is our game of the week..!)

And finally: Friday Night Fights continues! This week – Fantasy Champions Arena! Bring your WHFB Hero (no more than 150 pts) for a free-for-all battle in Sci-Fi City's Arena o' Death! The fight to the death begins around 6 p.m. – if you think you're tough enough…

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. Check out our new website for a complete listing of all our upcoming events. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at Sci-Fi City, soon!

SciFiCity-Troy, signing off.

Semi-Final 'ard Boys Scenarios just got posted

Read 'em and weep:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Necromunda Forum

To help Company Master Bardiel keep track of everyone's Necromunda gangs, we've added the following forum, so you can post results no matter where you play, at home, at one of the three major stores, in the middle of the street at rush hour, what have you.

Please go here:

Friday, October 3, 2008

This coming weekend!


Friday night Fights @ Sci-fi. Dreadnaught Area goodness!

Apocalypse Lucky 13 league @ Rhubarb!


Road to Glory! Week 2 begins @ Coliseum Of Comics

Lucky 13's - Everywhere!

Also, Sci-Fi is having a painting contest for the most horrific model this month, in keeping with the holiday...