Monday, September 15, 2008

'Ard Boyz Batreps and Impressions

I played at CoC. I failed to get a spot. I was so close in two games (1 and 3), but time and dice (respectively) have no mercy.

My List:

Flesh Tearers 4th Company Blood Angels

Dante - 200
Corbulo - 100
Honor Guard- Sanguinary Priest Melta Guns x2 Jump Melta Bombs x 2- 200

BA Tac Squad, 10 - Power fist Melta Gun BA Rhino Melta Bombs - 265
BA Tac Squad, 10 -Power fist Melta Gun BA Rhino Melta Bombs -265
BA Assault Squad, 10 -Power fist Melta Bombs -280
BA Assault Squad, 10 - Power fist Melta Bombs- 280

Terminators, 5 Cyclone Missile, Drop Pod Chainfist x 2- 280
Vet Assault, 5 - Lightning Claws, Flamer x 2 Melta Bombs x 2- 200
Vet Assault, 5 -Lightning Claws, Melta Gun x 2 Melta Bombs x 2- 210
Death Company 8 Jump Pack, (Purchased) x1- 70

Fast Attack
Attack Bikes, 3 Multi-Melta x 3- 150

Game 1: Tim (Necrons)

Destroyer lord, res orb, warscythe
2 x 3 Destroyers
58 Warriors in 5 squads
2 Monoliths
1 Tomb Spider
2 x 5 base scarab swarms

Tim was a relatively new player, which had it's good and bad points.

I won the set up roll, and let Tim set up first. His Monoliths were set up to deepstrike (a mistake on his part), and he pretty much set up the rest of the troops on the edge of the deployment zone as close to me as possible. I did likewise, with my Rhinos providing cover.

First turn had Tim advancing towards me. Some fire was exchanged, and nothing much happened on that front. I advanced, and shot up some warriors with similar effect. Lucky for me, a combat squad was close enough to charge, and locked a unit in combat. I won combat, but they did not flee. The deciever moved to finish them off, a monolith came in (and did hardly anything for the rest of the game and the other never showed...) My turn two saw locking three of his five warrior squads in HtH along with the Deceiver. Long story short, Necrons lost combat by 11, three squads of necron were chased down, and the Deceiver exploded due to fearless wounds, taking out most of my tactical squads. But the Necron Lord had his res orb, and so half of the [expurgated] got up. My Terminators showed up, and did some damage, but promptly got shot to hell the next turn by the now 38 man warrior squad. We got another turn in, he hit phase out, but got to roll WBB, and picked up enough guys to stay in it. Dice down, Minor win + 2 bonus

The problem was that we only got 3 turns out of 2.5 hours. I was about 3-5 guys out from phase out IIRC, which cost me the Massacre. Tim was a good kid, but he didn't know his rules and he didn't have the greatest focus on the game. It didn't help that his friend was hanging out watching the game, chatting. It was a minor win for me, but it could have been better.

Game 2: Tim (Iyanden Ghost Warriors)

A non Eldrad Farseer (Yes, Virginia, there are farseers besides Eldrad.)
1 11 "man" Wraithguard
1 11 "man" Wraithguard
2 Dire Avengers, shimmer shield, bladestorm, Power Weapon
1 five man Pathfinders
3 Wraithlords

Wow. This was my favorite opponent. Tim's army was amazing looking, and dead 'ard, and Tim was gracious and sporting. T6 doesn't seem like much until you're stuck in HtH with it. I look forward to playing him again (and this time getting some pictures).

Highlights: Harlies getting flamer love when funneled in between a building and two squads. Yuriel dying to the chain-axes of the Death Company. Low points: The Terminators doing nothing to the Wraith Lord they were in CC with. Dealing with Dire Avengers in HtH when they have shimmer shields (15 points, really? Gawd damn). It was a draw + 2 bonus.

Pic courtesy of yhprum01

Game 3: Mech Marines (John Holmes)

Chappie with Jump, Artificer Armor, etc.
4-5 Tacticals with CCW/BP (Traits) All in Rhinos/razorbacks
3 Dreads, 1 Assault-Can/ML, 1 TWLC/ML, 1 ??/DCCW with flamer
1 ten man assault squad, flamer and PP
1 Dev Squad, PCx1, LC x2
1 Vindicator
1 Whirlwind with [expurgated] Castellan Missiles.

I had to set up first, and there was a two inch plateau in the center of the table. I set my assualt squads up behind the plateau, and a rhino on either side was poised to strike. John set up, and seized the initiative. He promptly blew up both the rhinos, despite night fight. The tac squad on the left went all suicide squad on the vidicator, blowing it to kingdom come in CC, and breathed their last in CC with a dread. That was the left side of the table, which didn't matter much until the end of the game. On the right, we pushed to the objective, with the remains of the tactical squad shielding the two assault squads from being assaulted, and giving them cover against ranged fire. I reached the opfor objective early, and just couldn't kill the dread in three inches from it. Dante got splatted by the dread, which didn't help. John's last minute push to my objective was stalled by the DC and a fleeing jump squad. Luckily, a Tac squad fled the push as well, and allowed me to at least capture my own objective. I got the most kill points (11 to 7) and captured one objective, which meant a minor win.

Castellan Mines, you will not be missed. Though, to be honest, I'm sure that John didn't much like the DanteCorbulo combo... Still, how do mines affect jump troops? Do they reach up and grab their ankles?

Two wins, a draw, and no losses = mid-pack and a hella backache. Damn.

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