Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road to Glory First Day Report and CoC news

Hello all!

I hate to admit, the first day of the CoC Campaign did not get the numbers I had hoped. The good news is that's because there were about 12 players for the CoC Warhammer RTT! Good on them. However, I did speak to Mike West (manager) regarding the campaign, and both he and Ted are on board for accepting results played during the week. YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY CLOSE OF BUSINESS TO GET YOUR CAMPAIGN GAMES IN.

The good news: The Forces of Order are winning (so far!). Great news for me, because I'm on the winning side (so far!).

My first game I lost, and to a new player I was helping guide through the game. I could have made it a draw, but I made a silly mistake. I'll blame the fact that I was teaching the game for my distraction. :)

Adam, aka Zorrax on the Adeptus Orlandicus Boards, also made it down to CoC that day, and found his dice did not work there. He was roundly beaten by both the Blood Angels and my Valhallan Guard. Considering the pounding I received during our last run of this campaign, it was sweet revenge. Thanks to him for coming down. Even though his games didn't go well, I hoped he enjoyed himself.

The following is a shot of the game in progress, about 3rd turn. That's all there is left of his army. Not that I'm gloating (yes, actually, I'm gloating).

This is from the beginning of the second game I was going to play against the new Necron player, who's name I forgot. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the game due to timing constraints, but it was going very well for me. He was a good guy, like most of the CoC players, except for Mike West.

Also in the news:

CoC will begin charging for their RTT in order to keep prize support as high as it is. It's still a very reasonable price, and one I'm more than willing to pay. Also, there is a format change for their Warhammer and 40k RTT. You can bring two lists. The majority of the list must remain the same, but 250 points of it are swappable between List A and List B. In every round, you will find out who your opponent is and what they are playing, and you will then choose your list before you see theirs. Warmachine uses it and it seems to work out well there, and I know that the Baltimore Battle Bunker uses a similar format. It's a welcome change, and I look forward to it.

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geinbundy said...

yeah, you were rolling good the second scenario, too bad we couldn't finish.

brandan ;)