Friday, September 26, 2008

Rhubarb having a suprise sale!

Sale at Rhubarb Games on Friday, September 26th - Sunday, September 28th

Gas prices cutting into your gaming budget?

Keep getting beaten by that same old trick?

Need more troops for 5th edition 40K?

Keep getting slain by that Cryx player?

Want to start a new army?

Worried about the new GW price hike on select items?

Want to try Vallejo paints but you are waiting for the right time?

Looking to save some money?

Just need to fill out some units?

Trying to find an answer for that Daemon list that keeps gutting you?

Honestly we don't care why you need stuff, we just want to help you save some cash and to say thanks for being a Rhubarb Customer

On Monday GW is increasing their prices on select items Namely metals, codexes, and paints Their plastics will remain the same But hey why should GW fans be the only ones to save money? Warmachine players need stuff and so do Flames of War players For that matter so does everyone else With that said here are the details
20% off in stock items
Already discounted items will receive an additional 5% off (items are marked in the store)[/b][/color]

This discount excludes Sabol Army Transport cases of all sizes, Sabol foam trays, gift certificates, special orders, and prior purchases


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