Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Much delayed Rhubarb Report

Hello all,

Sorry for not posting in a bit. Life gets in the way sometimes. Things are rather good around here. People seem to be enjoying Monsterpocalypse and the new Space Marine stuff is doing well for us. We will be bringing back some old favorites and revamping our thinking on a game or two in the near future. Stay tuned for details. We are trying to keep things interesting at Rhubarb.

Armies of Arcana

Arcana is a great game. Any fantasy game that allows you to use historical miniatures, GW fantasy miniatures, Reaper stuff, Croc Games and any other company you can think of allows players a great deal of freedom. Combined with a relatively simple rule set and complex tactical decisions on the board this game is a winner. Of course finding places that actually carry it is difficult. We just started our new campaign with the old rules while we await a shipment of the new, shiny rule set. So far there are 6 armies involved in our campaign. This campaign is designed for people to be able to move in and out of campaign so that more people can enjoy this game.

So far we have seeded our players on the first 2 land masses of our new world. We have one player playing Graccans (Ancient Greeks with fantasy elements), 2 Undead players (one Egyptian themed the other I am not sure yet), a Caliphate player (fantasy Arab/Persian/Middle Eastern army), a High Elf player (using Lord of the Rings models), and a Dwarf player. Out of these armies we have people using figs from WH Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Crocodile Games, Reaper, Tales of War, Rebel Miniatures, Fenryll, Mega Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast, and Blood Bowl. The only thing that is important is figs being relatively compatible in scale and the base sizes working off of intervals of 25mm.

After seeding the board it took us 3 turns for anyone to bump into each other. Our only fight of the first round is the Dwarves versus the Elves. You can find more about this campaign at our Settlers of Arcana board and that map you is our campaign map. I would like to thank Jagavahn for creating that map.

Blood Bowl

Our Blood Bowl leagues are still going on. We will have a better update later once we have accounted for all of our recent results. Thanks to Dan S for running both leagues.


Warbands tournament- Our Warbands tournament will be this Saturday, October 18th. 500pts, being run by Chris C, $10 entry fee. It should be a lot of fun. You can sign up here.

Flames of War

League- Here are the league standings for Flames of War. Thanks to Ed L for running this league.

Division A
Dan (Italy) 2-0
Jim (USA) 3-1
Ken (USA) 1-1
Ambrose (Germany) 0-0
Laura (USA) 0-0
Ed (USSR) 1-2
Leo (Germany) 1-2
Rich (Germany) 0-1

Division B
Jacob (Germany) 3-0
Lionel (Germany) 1-0
Jeff (USSR) 1-1
Glenn (Germany) 0-0
Jeremy (Italy) 0-0
Terry (USA) 0-0
Jim (Germany) 0-1
Sel (Germany) 0-2
Joey (GB) 0-2


Escalation League-we only have this Thursday and next Thursday until this league is finished. It is looking like we might have a photo finish. We will be pairing off the top 6 players this week.

Bryan 47
Ryan 45
Steve 42
Pepe 40
Brian 30
Miles 28
JT 27
Frog 27
Geoff 25
Mark 20
Adam 10
Hod 10
Scott R. 8
John 8
Chris 5
Scott S. 5

40k RTT -We will be hosting our next 40k RTT on Saturday October 25th. 1750 points, $10 entry. You can sign up here.

By the Way-Congratulations are in order for Gareth and Hod for their strong showing at the second round of the 'Ard Boyz. First and second, respectively. The other player from our qualifier, Dan came in fifth. I would also like to thank Sci Fi for hosting a great event. I did not get to swing by but a bunch of our regulars stopped in and had very positive comments about the event.

Warmachine/Hordes Standings

Caspia-Sul Incursions League-we started our league on Monday the 6th. So far we have had a good turnout but I have a feeling we will have some more people joining up soon.

Ambrose 22
Chris C 20
Daniel H 12
Ryan 12
Scott 11
Adrian 10
Tom 8
Miles 7
John 5
Chris S 5
Jay 5
Hod 1
Troy 1

Upcoming Events
10/16 40k Escalation League Week 5
10/18 Warhammer Fantasy Warbands tournament
10/20 Warmachine/Hordes Caspia Sul Incursions Week 3
10/23 40k Escalation League Final Week
10/24 Settlers of Arcana Campaign round 2
10/25 40k RTT
10/26 Flames of War League

Further down the Line
11/6 40k Escalation League starts
11/8 Apocalypse Stand Fast Lucky 13s
11/29 Warhammer Fantasy RTT

Well, I think that is about it for now. Hopefully I will have some more fun stuff for next week.

Have fun,

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Thanks Skip! And Congrats to both Garreth and the Hod.