Monday, October 20, 2008

Sci-Fi City News - October 20th, 2008

Greetings and welcome to the Sci-Fi City News! I'm SciFiCity Troy, and I'll be your host for the next little bit...

Let's get right to it with a quick schedule change: This week's Board Game Night featured game will be A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game by Flying Frog Productions. If you're not familiar with this gem, it has a bit in common with the popular Arkham Horror. The main difference is that instead of cooporating with your fellow players, you are competing with them to be the first to defeat the villain! Come try it out Thursday night after 4 p.m. - and if you like it you can pick it up at a 20% discount!

Hot on the heels of Board Game Night, we're having a Monsterpocalypse Smack Down as our Friday Night Fights event this week. We'll have shiny new Monster and Unit Boosters in stock to add to your growing hordes. Come buy, trade, and battle this Friday starting at 5 o'clock!

Saturday is our Warhammer Fantasy RTT. All the standard stuff: $15 entry, 2250 pts, lists due by 11, battles start at noon. We'll also be judging our monthly painting competition - Bring your best diorama / scene / unit and your best single model for the scariest / spookiest / un-deadest / halloweeniest themed event!

And we're not done yet! Sunday will start the fourth and final week of the Warhammer Fantasy Warbands Escalation League. Bring your 500-point warband and join in the fun! We'll likely take a short break and start a new league in a few weeks - so now's the time to get some practice in...

And speaking of Sunday: I'm still waiting for details, but there's apparently a 30-50 member game club that is holding a meet-up at Sci-Fi City this Sunday. From what I gathered, they're bringing board games, and are open for people to join in the fun... If you're interested in board gaming, stop by and check it out!

A brief look ahead shows an equally packed weekend next week! Watch this blog for complete details with my next update - in the meantime, here's a quick peek:
  • Thursday 10/30: Board Game Night (Munchkin Cthulu and Zombie Fluxx)
  • Friday 10/31: Sci-Fi City Halloween Party! (Treats and double reward card points for everyone in costume, food, music, a scavenger hunt, Friday Night Fights Warmachine Event, a Monsterpocalypse Tournament, AND we're staying open until midnight to squeeze every lost drop of fun out of the night! Don't miss it!)
  • Saturday 11/1: The start of Fantasy Flight Games Month - double Reward Card points on all FFG products all month long. Also: Bitz and Model Day, and our monthly Warmachine Tournament!

Other hints of things to come: a monthly XBox tournament, Savage Sundays, and more Monsterpocalypse Madness!

Whew! Guess I better get busy getting things ready! As always, you can check out our complete events schedule at our website. So for now, SciFiCity Troy - signing off! (And hoping to see YOU at Sci-Fi City!)

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