Monday, October 13, 2008

FAQ News + December Doubles: Naughty and Nice(ish)

By now, you've all heard of the new Dark Angel's FAQ, but I've heard no mention on the intertubes of the new October Rulebook FAQ.

There is a clarification of Multi-combat, that now stipulates that if your unit is being attacked by two units, but a particular model is only in base contact with one, then that model has to throw its attacks to the unit it's base contact with. Which makes sense.

Shooting Psyhic powers from a Vehicle: Do you need LoS? Then you need a fire point in a vehicle to target another unit. No lashing from your Land Raider, kids.

Vehicle turrets etc, can block LOS from other guns firing from the same vehicle.

Note to Guard and BT players... No sharing transports, since your codex says no. Codex > Rulebook. And an IG Command Squad is two KPs, confirmed as per the FAQ.

Also of note:

I'm running a Holiday themed Doubles Tourney at Coliseum, probably the first weekend of Decemeber. Find a friend, grab some dice, and go here: to see the offical thread. We've also got a discussion group on the AO forum to talk about the propsed scenarios. I look forward you hearing about it from y'all.

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