Friday, October 17, 2008

Monsters Invade Sci-Fi City!


Here's a quick update for all you Monsterpocalypse fans...

This Saturday (tomorrow!) we're having a Monsterpocalypse Party! (Okay - that you already knew...)

The Bad News: We are currently sold out of all MP Starters, Monster Boosters and Unit Boosters. (Well, as I write this, we have one (1) Unit Booster left. Hurry in and get it before it's gone!)

The Good News: We do have 3 Strategy Guides!

More Good News: The Party will not be stopped!

At noon we will be holding a "Monsterpocalypse RTT" - bring the monster, units, buildings and map(s) of your choice. We will run a single-elimination tournament using all the standard game rules (to-wit: 1 Monster, up to 15 units, 2-12 buildings, no more than 5 of any one unit, no more than 5 elite units overall, no more than 5 of any one building, roll for set-up: loser chooses map, winner sets up first, etc.) Please be here and registered for the tournament by 11:30 a.m.

The winner of this FREE tournament will get his choice of Mega-Form monster from the three that we have available!

But wait, there's more! Come play with other Monster Fans all day long. Come TRADE with other Monster Fans all day long! Free demos to teach you the game! Don't have any monsters? One of the staff here will even loan you one of their precious armies so you can try the game!

And never fear, we will be getting more Monsters in soon! And look for more Monsterpocalypse events at Sci-Fi City - something almost every week! (Check out our events page for the latest and greatest!)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog - and we hope to see YOU at Sci-Fi City for some Monsterpocalyptic Action!

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