Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monsterpocalypse Halloween Tournament - Sci-Fi City

Greetings Monster Fans!

Hot off the presses - it's official:

Tomorrow night at 6 p.m. we will be having our first Monsterpocalypse sealed booster tournament! (Yes, we have boosters in!)

The Halloween Spooktacular Monsterpocalypse Smackdown requires you to buy 2 unit boosters and 1 monster booster. You'll keep the monster you draw, and then we will do a "take one and pass the box" unit draft:

1) Everyone sits in a circle, opens up one unit booster.
2) Take the building from the booster and keep it.
3) Take your choice of one unit from the booster.
4) Pass the booster (now containing three units) to the right.
5) Choose a unit from the booster just passed to you. Pass the remaining units to the right.
6) Choose a unit from the booster just passed to you. Pass the remaining unit to the right.
7) Finally keep the last unit passed to you. Take your second booster box and start again at step 1.

Then face your opponents (with your monster, 8 units, and 2 buildings) in a 3 round, swiss-style, knockdown tournament! The Winner will get first choice from three Monster Mega-forms (Defender X, Cthugrosh, or Gorghadra). Second place gets second choice, and third place gets what's left!

And don't forget, this will be the last day for Double Rewards Card Points on Monsterpocalypse!

Plus there'll be candy, demo games, and we're open until midnight! (AND Double Rewards Card Points for everyone in costume on everything!) And candy!

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