Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Necromunda In Full Swing

It's only been a week, and already there are 7 gangs fighting for survival in the shadowy Underhives of Necromunda.

Malicious Joy - Cawdor
Crowmag's Night Stalkers - Ratskins
Precinct 13 - Enforcers
Angelic Death - Spyers
The Crusade of the Blood - Redemptionist rules, but far more sinister
The Ice Spiders - Delaque (with furry hats)
Le Resistance - Skavvies

More gangs are welcome, from any store in the area, and games can be played anywhere. Like in your homes, or comic shops, or the park if you're so inclined. Though I think it would be odd to do so at Disney World.

From the AO boards:

Rat Skins and Scavvies crossed in the deep depths of Hive Primus. At the sight (or smell) of the foe the the two sides scattered to take up position ready for the fight to come. (The deployment went great)

The Rat Skins took the initiative and started to close. The Scavvies seeing movement did the same. The two sides closed quickly. The hive born natives moved in mass leaving two members behind taking the high ground to provide covering fire. As the shadows flickered and moved so did the lowest of the low. Advancing in 3 groups, scatter guns down the left and centre and the assault team down the right (looking back not a good ides )

Then the first shoots echoed through the slumps. Hitting the Scaly with a scatter gun and the blood flowed, but it was just a flesh wound. The same happen to the boss the hive scum. In return the Scavvies moved up to get there weapons into range.

COMBAT!!!! The Rats charged with the lead member of the party taking out a Scavy with a scatter gun. The snipers in the towers fired again taking down a Scavy moving up the centre. Other shoots aimed at the Scaly with the scatter gun took him down, leaving him bleeding on the floor. Now the Scavvies had range!!!! They fired and hit but failed to do any damage. However, the Scaly launched a bolt from his spear gun. He impaled a rat and sent him flying from the first story, removing the ground from under his feet. With the fall and a spear protruding from his gut he was down.

The Rat Skins closed for the kill. With the boss and a totem warrior charging what was left of the left flank. It was short lived as both of the Scavvies fumbled there attacks at the shock of this sudden action. A shoot fired from the remaining rat in the tower took down another Scavy Looking around and seeing 3 out of action and another 3 members down the Scavvies bottled.

After the fight and back at the swamp, tending the Scaly that had been horribly scared, the scum noticed that two of there group were nowhere to be seen. Deciding that no one gets left behind (Scavvies make good food) the boss declares a rescue will be attempted.

With the battle won the Rat Skin dragged their two captive back to the camp. One with just cuts and bruises. The other however was just hanging onto life having taken multiple wounds. His chest was open and he was missing an eye. His remaining eye was wide with shell shook. With injures like that they would leave some old battle wounds.

Contemplating the results of the battle many the Rat Skins shared the lessons they had learn that they could take with them into the next fight.

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