Monday, January 5, 2009

The Junius VII 40K Narrative Campaign

The Junius VII 40K Narrative Campaign has officially begun! War has come to the world of Junius VII, and mighty armies from numerous factions all vie for supremacy over the hidden treasures of this world. Who will emerge victorious?

The packet can be downloaded at:

The armies involved, and their players, are:

Imperial Forces
Brian (Allerka) - Lords of Oblivion
MarkDD - Daemonhunters
Nick (Sekai) - Imperial Guard

Xenos Forces
Emily (Cyporiean) - Farsight Tau
Hod (thehod) - Craftworld Saim-Hann
Dan (danL) - Orks

Chaos Forces
Bryan (Stylez) - Chaos Daemons
Rainman - Word Bearers
Geoff (Grandpa Geoff) - Death Guard

Week one begins tonight, and will end Sunday evening, with updates and points being posted by Monday morning.

And here's tonight's opening mini-story:

"War has come to the world of Junius VII. Led by the foul magics of Chaos, a massive army of Word Bearers and Death Guard have descended upon the planet in search of ancient artifacts and other mysterious goals. Like carrion drawn to battle, the daemons of the warp have also joined in the battle. The Junius VII PDF, led by the Junius 84th, have put up a valiant defense, but it is only a matter of time before they are overwhelmed.

Whether by coincidence or a grander scheme, the Orks of WAAAGH!!! Graz'akz have also arrived in the system, and have crashed their hulks upon the surface, looking for a good fight.

But all hope is not lost. Salvation for Junius VII has come, in the form of a combined force of the Lords of Oblivion Space Marines, as well as a large force of Grey Knights. Additionally, the Eldar of Saim-Hann have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, apparently intent upon the destruction of the forces of Chaos, but their true goals are as alien as they are.

Finally, an expedition force from the Farsight Enclave has also appeared in the system. Blown off course by the fickle nature of the warp, they must fight for survival amidst a brutal war."

Secret objectives for this week will be sent out to each faction shortly. Good luck to all involved!

Also, for those participating in the campaign, note that you do NOT need to face another player of the campaign to have your battle recorded, if you're unable to get a fight in against another participant. You can only use this once per month, though, so save it as a last resort.

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