Wednesday, January 28, 2009

40K RTT at Sci-Fi City - January 31st

Greetings 40K Fans,

Just a quick note to remind you that this month's RTT at Sci-Fi City is Warhammer 40K.

And if you haven't heard yet, the entry fee is now only $10


all participants will get TRIPLE Rewards Card points on all purchases, all day long!

So come get in on some great 40K action, and make money doing it! (Check out the events page for all the details.)

Watch for a post coming soon about February at Sci-Fi City! (Just a sneak peek: A Valentine's Day Massacre WHFB event on the 14th, Nazi Zombie Madness on CoD:WaW, pre-season preparations for the Sci-fi City All-star Blood Bowl league's second season, and more!)

Hope to see you at Sci-Fi City soon!

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