Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rhubarb Games report 11/26

I hope all is well with everyone in the Central Florida Gaming community. Here is the latest Rhubarb update.

The holiday weekend

Thursday-We will be closed for Thanksgiving.

Friday-We are opening our doors at 9AM and we will be having a sale that day. More info on the sale will be posted on Thursday at the following here.

Saturday-Fantasy RTT 2250 points. Rules can be found here

Sunday-Open gaming

Games report

Armies of Arcana Campaign
The campaign is still chugging along with the threat of the 2 undead factions frightening the Dwarves and the Graccans enough to postpone hostilities.

Babylon 5 a Call to Arms
Thats right folks B5 has made a comeback at Rhubarb. We just started a new campaign last night and we have 8 people trying to show who is the best admiral.

Blood Bowl
The bowl games for the minors have already been selected and the majors selection process is already underway. Thanks to Dan S for running both leagues. The minors match ups are as follows:

Tropics Bowl

T1) Tyranid Tyrants: Lizardmen, Dan ( Fedral )
T2) Koighnavak Shenal: Wood Elf, Jason ( Ludovic )
Tyrants win 2 - 1

Tyranid Tyrants: Lizardmen, Dan ( Fedral )
Woodland Raiders: Wood Elf, Gareth ( numberofthebeastxxx )

Havoc Bowl

H1) Da Tuf Guyz: Ork, Steve ( Skeeve )
H4) Angry Exes: Human, Sean ( zurgprot )

H2) Harbingers of Lloth: Dark Elf, Scott K. ( zoobooz )
H3) Brain Dead Mashers: Necromantic, Tom ( Xylon )

Winner of H1 / H4
Winner of H2 / H3

Snow Bowl

Sn1) L.A. Ram-Tuts: Khemri, Tom K. ( OgreDaddy )
Sn2) Bogenhafen Bombers: Human, John ( slammers77 )

Soup Bowl

S1) Zippy and Bungle Boyz: Ork, Chris ( DrRhubarb )
S2) Clean Sweep: Human, Artus ( Tolroy )

Flames of War
Ed's FOW league is coming to a close in the next month. Here are the current standings.
Division A
Dan 2-0
Laura 2-1
Jim 3-2
Leo 3-4
Ken 1-2
Rich 0-1

Division B
Jacob 4-1
Jeff 3-1
Lionel 1-1
Jim 0-1
Sel 0-2
Joey 0-3

Lord of the Rings
Our next LotR day will be Wednesday December 3rd.

Every Friday night is MonPoc night at Rhubarb. Come on out and join the fun.

We are currently in our off season on Warmachine until the next league starts in February, although we still have people showing up throughout the week and especially on Monday's for friendly games. Congrats to Chris C. for winning the last league.

Warhammer Fantasy
We have our RTT this Saturday the 29th. Starting on Wednesday the 3rd of December we will be running Fantasy every Wednesday in Decemeber. In January we will be starting our escalating campaign.

Warhammer 40,000
Our escalation league will be off this week for Thanksgiving but we will ratchet it back up on the 4th at 1250 points and everything but Fast Attack choices available in the your Force Org. Our next 40k RTT will be on Saturday December 20th. Standings for the escalation are below

Steve 50
Dan S 34
Adam 32
Danny 32
Geoff 31
Alex 28
Chris S 27
Scott S 27
Thiago 26
Miles 24
Robert L 24
Ryan 23
Pepe 22
Eric W. 20
Scott R 20
Gareth 15
Dean 12
Bryan M 12
Phil C 10
Aaron 8
Phil B 8
Skip 5

I guess that is all for now. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Have fun,

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